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books on cdBook lovers really do love their books and hate to be anywhere without a good book.  Many years ago, I discovered the beauty of audio books.  I used to have a long drive into the office and I loved listening to my audio books.  Of course, back then they were on cassettes.  Still, I could have a book read to me as I drove to work.

Some passengers in a car cannot read a book without experiencing motion sickness.  Audio Books are great gifts for people who cannot read in a moving vehicle, but ache for a good book to read.

I have noticed several people listen to audio books when they are working out in a gym.  I recently had to serve jury duty and I noticed one ingenious lady who brought her audio book and cd player to the waiting area where we often had to sit for hours, even days to be called to sit on a jury.  I kept wondering why I didn’t think of that!  I did have a book with me, but an audio book would have been so much easier to carry and I would have been able to watch what was going on around me.

Audio books are also great gifts for people who have impaired vision.  For a book lover, not being able to read would be seriously distressing.


Highly Rated Audio Book in Romance

It is no surprise that Nora Robert’s books are among the most highly rated audio books in the Romance category.  After all, Nora Roberts is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of more than 200 novels.

This particular set of books on cd are abridged versions of the extremely popular books series, Three Sisters Island Collection.  These stories couple romance, sorcery, and suspense for real entertainment and happy endings.

 Nora Roberts Three Sisters Island CD Collection: Dance Upon the Air, Heaven and Earth, Face the Fire (Three Sisters Island Trilogy)Check Price



A Popular Author

Ever since “The Notebook”, Nicholas Sparks has been one of my own favorite romance writers.  Sparks has an extraordinary way of making his characters seem very real.  Perhaps, that is because he doesn’t present all of his characters are victims or unrealistically sweet.  They are much more believable human beings like the main character of “See Me”.

 See MeCheck Price


Most Highly Rated Audio Book in Mystery Thrillers

When it comes to mystery thrillers, Michael Connelly and John Grisham seem to consistently top the charts for excellence and popularity.  My own husband, however, prefers Dean Koontz.

Any of these authors are highly recommended and any of these books are sure to provide that bit of mystery and suspense you are seeking, even in your car.

 Michael Connelly CD Collection 3: The Poet, Blood WorkCheck Price John Grisham CD Audiobook Bundle #2: The Associate; The Confession; The Litigators; The RacketeerCheck Price Dean Koontz Thriller Novella Collection: Darkness Under the Sun, Demon Seed, The Moonlit MindCheck Price


More Books on Audio CD

This is just a sampling of the most popular books currently available on audio cd.  There are hundreds, perhaps even thousands, to choose from in the genres listed above, as well as many others.  Clearly, you would want to search out your own favorite genre and authors to find them on audio cd.  The intent here is to remind you, or suggest audio cd’s as gifts for family and friends who have to spend a lot of time in cars, commuting or simply waiting for appointments.   They really are fantastic options for the visually impaired too.

Perhaps, you might even consider giving them an Amazon gift certificate along with the set below.  The books on the audio cds below are not complete books, but a synopsis of each of the featured books to help you make a selection of what book to actually listen to in entirety.  Those books would have to be purchased separately. $50 Gift Card in a Black Gift Box (Classic Black Card Design)Check Price Worlds 100 Greatest Books on CDCheck Price



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