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Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Weather StationOne of the best gifts my husband has ever received is his La Crosse Technology Weather Station.  I admit, I love it too!  It is often the first thing I see each morning, and often the last thing I look at before I go to bed.  In nice, big numbers it tells us the day of the week, the date, the time and the temperature, inside and out.  I know at a glance if it is snowing or raining by the displayed images even before I open the blinds.

When our daughter first gave her dad the weather station, I thought it was a nice gadget her father would enjoy.  But, as it turns out, the entire family relies on it to tell us the temperature before we ever open the door.  I even check it before I get dressed for the day so I know whether it is cold, warm or hot outside.

A quick look at my weather station via my photo on the right, will show us that the photo was taken at 12:04, Tuesday, November 15.  It was 63.5 degrees outside and 71.6 degrees inside.  The forecast for the day is cloudy and rainy, but not stormy.  Stormy would include lighting images.

In the photo below, you can see the icon for a sunny day!


The La Crosse Technology Weather Station

This weather station has a bright setting and a low light setting.  We leave it on the bright setting simply because we keep our weather station in our den and that lighting is easier to see.  However, if you wish to put it in your bedroom, you can set it to the low light setting.

Features of the La Crosse Technology Weather Station

 La Crosse Technology 308-146 Atomic Wireless Color Forecast Station with Dew Point, Heat Index, USB charging portCheck Price

  • Indoor Outdoor Thermometer
  • Displays Inside and Outside Temperatures
  • Weather Icons / Images
  • Displays Time – Atomic Self-Setting
  • Date & Day Display
  • Displays Heat Index
  • Displays Dew Point
  • Alarm with Snooze Button
  • Nighttime Dimmer for Lower Light Setting
  • USB Charging Port
  • AC Adapter with Battery Back-up  (batteries not included)

Setting Up the La Crosse Technology Weather Station

It takes a few minutes to set up the Weather Station. You will need to mount the included transmitter outside.  We mounted our transmitter on the side of our house simply because that was easy.  Since it is water-resistant, that has not been a problem at all.

The manufacturer information says that it can take up to 5 days for the weather station to connect to the atomic signal.  I honestly don’t remember our set-up taking any time at all, but you should know that it could take a few days.

Once it is all set up, it is fabulous and extremely dependable.  We have had ours for several years now and haven’t had to touch it since we first set it up.

I do want to note though, every night it does reset itself so it will go dark for a few minutes.  I am rarely up late enough to see it happen, but on the few occasions that I did see it, I was worried that our weather station had quit working.  That is quite normal!


Gifts for Men

Selecting a gift for a man is often difficult, but this weather station makes the choice very easy.  However, not only men are going to love the gift.  The entire family will enjoy the fast and accurate information this one little unit gives daily.


Decorative Indoor Outdoor Thermometer



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  1. I WANT one! I once had a weather station that worked off a mount on the roof and gave wind speed too (rather like a weather vane if I remember correctly). But the outside mount gave way to too much salt air and weather conditions as our house was only 3 blocks from the ocean. So I have not had one in several years and THIS one looks fantastic! Does everything I’d need it to do. Thanks much for telling me about it.

  2. That would be perfect for our house. Are there instructions for where on the outside of your house to put the outside transmitter ? North, south, east, or west exposure? On a porch or other shaded spot? It’s hard to know where one would get the best reading — especially on hot days.

    • Out side on a porch, closest to the weather station inside!

    • Cynthia says:

      I honestly cannot remember if instructions for placement were included with the unit. I’m fairly sure they were, but I couldn’t find them to answer the question. Definitely do not place it in direct sunlight or it will read artificially high. I’m not sure about the porch part of your question. That would depend on how open the porch is. You want an accurate reading for the temperature. We placed ours on the north side of our house (which is the back our our house) on the ledge created where the brick meets the aluminum siding. That is about 4 feet from the ground. It is not the least bit sheltered or enclosed by anything.

  3. Susan says:

    I’m a bit of a weather geek and I do love gadgets, so this is going right to the top of my Christmas Wish list! Love the affordable price.

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