Ultra Light Compact Sun & Rain Umbrellas

Compact UmbrellasFor many years, I have only carried a compact umbrella.  I love the looks of the large, standard umbrellas, especially the ones with the curved handles.  However, I opt to forgo those big umbrellas and use a compact umbrella.

There are several reasons I choose a compact umbrella, starting with the weight.  I normally carry my camera, camera lenses, and my iPad when I am out and about.  I don’t need the added weight or bulk of a large, unwieldy umbrella.  One of these compact umbrellas fits easily into my bag.

All too often, I am already out when a shower, or even an unexpected thunderstorm, pops up.  I need to be able to grab cover quickly, especially if I have my Nikon Camera around my neck.   It is way too expensive to leave exposed to rainy weather.

Let’s start with the pretty umbrellas that make great gifts!  Basic black, micro mini, and purely practical will follow.


Pretty Gift Umbrellas

If you are seeking a really pretty umbrella to give as a gift, or to carry yourself, these pretty compact umbrellas are lovely.  For those who love the impressionist art of Monet or Van Gogh, you will love the floral designs featured below.  Or, perhaps you would prefer carrying one big flower.   They are all beautiful.

 JSTEL Monet Painting Windproof UV Umbrellas Auto Open Close 3 Folding Golf Strong Durable Compact Travel Sun Umbrella, Portable Lightweight Easy CarryingCheck Price YumSur Automatic Umbrellas – Windproof Lightweight Travel Compact Folding Umbrella Sunflower Design, Reinforced Canopy, Auto Open/Close, for Business and Travels or Summer Wedding GiftsCheck Price Glodeals Van Gogh Masterpiece Oil Painting Automatic 3 Folding Parasol Sun Protection Anti-UV Umbrella for Women (Almond Blossom)Check Price


Ultra Light Micro Mini Compact Umbrellas

 totes Titan Portable Travel Umbrella – Windproof, Waterproof, Strong, Compact Umbrella – Perfect for the Car, Backpack, and On-the-GoCheck PriceThis is my micro mini everyday umbrella.  A basic black umbrella is right for any occasion.  I never have to worry that I am carrying something too bright or inappropriate for my surroundings.  If I could only have one, I would choose the classic black umbrella.  However, I do enjoy having a colorful umbrella that is more my personal style when I am out for fun.

The Totes Micro Mini umbrellas have a strap on the handle.  That strap is convenient for several reasons.  I may need to use it as a wrist strap, but most often I use it to hook on my jeans belt loop with a spring clip.  Since they weigh less than a pound, I hardly notice that bit of added weight.  There is nothing fancy about this umbrella.  It is simply folds up really small (6 inches) so it is easy to carry.

The real downside to this umbrella, even though I love it, is that it won’t last forever.  It is not as durable as the compact umbrella we keep in our car, but it is small and lightweight, which is what I need when I am out taking pictures.  Fortunately, they are relatively inexpensive.


A More Durable Choice with Auto Buttons

If you are more interested in durable than micro mini, but you still need basic black, then I would recommend a slightly larger mini umbrella.  It also features a open & close button, which means you don’t need both hands to open it quickly.  The downside to this option is that it is under 12 inches long when folded down.  That is fine if you are carrying a tote bag, briefcase or large purse, but it won’t be as easy to carry around.  It would, however, be my choice for the car.

 Anntrue Windproof Travel Umbrella, Auto Open Close Lightweight Compact Portable Backpack Folding Umbrella, Perfect for Car, Purse, Men and Women (Black)Check Price


Easy Carry Compact Umbrellas