China Tea Sets for Children

China Tea Sets for ChildrenChildren’s China Tea Sets

When you are thinking about a special gift for a little girl you will find a great inspiration here because we are going to explore the wonderful world of tea sets for children.  The kind of tea sets we remember from our own childhood days and the kind of tea sets we want to give to every little girl in our life so she also has the amazing teas and memories we have.

Every little girl wants her own china tea set or porcelain tea set for her tea parties with her best friends.  They will imagine and pretend to have the most elegant tea set and clothing, the most guests, the most delicious treats to serve with the tea and much more.

The tea party is a remarkable part of growing up as a little girl and it is one of those memories we cherish for a lifetime.


Wawel Fine China Tea Set – Children’s Tea Set

Teach a Child the Grace and Beauty of an Afternoon Tea

Imagine the beauty of your little precious daughter and her friends sitting down for an afternoon tea with the elegance of fine china.  What fun they will have as they sip tea and talk about the lovely day, the latest fashions and perhaps their “boyfriends”.  I can almost hear the little girl laughter now!  Can’t you?
 Elegance Fine China Tea Set for ChildrenCheck Price

This set allows you to teach your daughter all about the fun of owning fine china and serving her friends and family a fabulous afternoon treat.

This set is sure to become a cherished heirloom.

  • Set includes:  Teapot, Tray, Sugar Bowl, Creamer,  4 Dessert Plates, 4 Cups and 4 Saucers
  • These pieces are hand-painted with Gold Trim
  • Teapot measures:  3 cup capacity
  • Cups measure:   3 ounce capacity
  • 7″ Dessert Plates
  • 9″ Serving Tray


Precious Porcelain Children’s Tea Sets

Flower Fairies Tea Set makes a lovely set table and comes with a storage case.


Flower Fairy childs tea setCheck Price


  • Set includes:  Teapot, Sugar Bowl, Creamer, 4 Dessert Plates, 4 Cups, 4 Saucers and 4 Stainless Spoons
  • These pieces are hand embellished with 22k gold
  • Storage Hamper also included
  • Cups measure: 1.5 ounce capacity
  • 3.75″ Dessert Plates

Fine China Child’s Size Tea Sets are sure to Become a Cherished Heirloom passed down for Generations!

Find Beautiful Tea Sets For Your Little Girl’s Tea Party

Give a special little girl ‘real’ tea party memories and china she can treasure for a lifetime.

 Violet Fine China Tea Set for ChildrenCheck PricWhen your little girl begins getting ready for her tea party, you can give her the tools she needs to make it remarkable.  How about starting with a great tea set, then, how about the clothes she can wear when she serves tea to her guests.  What about invitations for each of the guests she is going to invite?

Is she inviting her special friend, her Dad, her Mom, or someone imaginary?  Whoever is honored at her tea party they are sure to enjoy receiving a wonderful tea party invitation.

  • Set includes:  Teapot, Tray, Sugar Bowl, Creamer, 4 Cups and 4 Saucers, plus 4 Dessert Plates
  • This set has been hand-painted with gold trim
  • Teapot measures:  3 cup capacity
  • Cups measure:   3 ounce capacity
  • 9″ Serving Tray
  • 7″ Dessert Plates


More Beautiful China Tea Sets for Children

Princess Pink Tea for Two or Rosanna Fine China Tea Set

The Princess Pink Pattern Children’s Tea for Two Fine China Tea Set includes the Teapot which measures 4. 5″ H and holds 12 oz. of water.  The set also come with a sugar bowl and creamer, Demi teacups and saucers.

The Rosanna Tea For Me Too is a gift-boxed children’s tea set, service for 4 stoneware in bright colors.  Includes 4 cups and saucers, teapot, sugar and creamer.

 FAO Schwarz Ceramic Tea Party Set for Kids, Pink Polka Dot, 9 PiecesCheck Price Rosanna Tea For Me Too, Gift-boxed Children’s Tea Set, Service for 4Check Price


Peter Rabbit Tea Set – Enthusiasts Love This One

 Beatrix Potter Large Peter Rabbit Tea Set in CaseCheck Price

Collectible Memories For Your Little Girl

Give your child an heirloom to cherish later when she spends time remembering what she learned when she was having a tea party with her friends.

Each piece in this set is hand-finished in 24k gold and comes with a Wicker Container

  • Set includes: 5″ tall tea pot
  • Four 6″ Plates
  • Four 4oz tea cups & saucers
  • Sugar & Creamer
  • Four stainless spoons





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