Handmade Hidden Compartment Puzzle Jewelry Box

Jewelry Box PuzzleIf you are seeking a unique, one of a kind gift, one of these really neat hidden compartment puzzle jewelry boxes would be perfect!

They may look like a wooden block with a pretty hand-carved design, but they are so much more.  It is not immediately evident how to open this fantastic jewelry box even when you know it can be opened.  You have to know the secret.  The first steps to opening the box is finding the sliding panels.  Then you need to find the key.  Finally, you have to find the lock for the key.  The mystery of the box is definitely part of the appeal, but they are quite beautiful too.

I was so intrigued by these jewelry boxes that I purchased 4 of them to give as gifts.  We have several puzzle lovers in our family and just as many women who love jewelry boxes.  I plan to give each one of the boxes as a gift to a couple.  Just imagine Christmas morning with everyone sitting around together trying to figure out how to open the boxes, while the women are admonishing them to not break their box.  I know they will provide great fun on Christmas day.  Afterwards, each couple will have a gorgeous gift of heirloom quality.


Wooden Magic Puzzle Compartment Secret Jewelry Box

Hand-carved jewelry box secret compartment puzzleThe inside of the jewelry box is large enough to hold store several treasures.

You can see the panels in the photo on the right that would need to be moved.  However, look closely.  The entire top section of the jewelry needs to pulled forward in order to drop the panel that hides the lock.

You can also check out this video for a demonstration:


Selection of Handmade Hidden Compartment Jewelry Box Puzzles

There are several sizes, designs and colors available.  Personally, I love the all and had a very hard time choosing which ones to buy.  When they arrived, I was so delighted with them, that I wanted to keep them all for myself.  Of course, I will separate myself from 3 of them, but it is nice to know that the one I bought for my husband will end up being co-owned with me.

Ah, gee!!!  Who am I kidding?  I may let him look at mine on Christmas day!

One last thought:  US citizens should not be dissuaded from buying these boxes simply because they are shipped from Romania.  I received mine in just a few days.

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Puzzle Jewelry Box



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