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A Christmas Story DVD“A Christmas Story” Gifts are Simply Fun to Give and Receive

Our family loves the Christmas movie, A Christmas Story.  We watch A Christmas Story at least once every year and laugh at all of the same things, in all of the same places, as if we haven’t seen it before.  In reality, we have several family members who can quote the movie so well, they could easily play the various characters.

One of the funniest gifts I have ever given was the Christmas Story Leg Lamp.  I gave it to my husband several years ago for Christmas as the entire family watched with great anticipation.  We were not disappointed!   He pulled the leg lamp out of the box, hugged it close and immediately announced “It’s a major award!”   He promptly marched to the table in the front window of our home, cleared everything off the top and plugged in the lamp.   I am not sure which glowed brightest, the leg lamp or the smile on his face.   Oh, and yes! He did run outside immediately to make sure it was centered in front of the window so the whole world could see it’s “indescribable beauty!”


Get Your Own Major Award! – A Christmas Story Leg Lamp

Every man deserves “a major award!”   You, too, can have your own Christmas Story leg lamp.

For years now that Christmas Story leg lamp has graced the table in our front window at Christmas.   Every year I threaten to accidentally break that leg lamp while watering my plant.

Of course, I wouldn’t actually do such a thing, but it is all part of the fun and tradition of decorating with Christmas Story decor and gifts.

There are actually a few sizes of leg lamps available.  There is a desk lamp that is smaller, as well as a taller lamp, but the 45″ tall lamp is the one I purchased.  I wanted one that would easily sit on a small table and be completely visible through our front window.

 A Christmas Story Full Size 45Check Price


One Leg Lamp is Simply Not Enough

 A Christmas Story Movie Leg Lamp OrnamentCheck Price

The large leg lamp in our front window is simply not enough.   We also have a Christmas Story leg lamp ornament on our Christmas tree.

I’m not really complaining.   I simply have to play my part of the jealous wife.   In my case, I actually bought the leg lamp ornament, as well as several other Christmas Story ornaments!

This cute little leg lamp ornament replicates the “major award” in grand style.  It is hand painted and has real black fringe on the shade!  I laugh every time someone flips the fringe with their finger.


More A Christmas Story Ornaments

Here are a few of the Christmas Story ornaments that are still available for purchase.  We own the Carlton “Ralphie in a Bunny Suit” ornament, as well as the Carlton Cards “Triple Dog Dare You” ornament.  They have sound and again, I laugh every time someone sets them off because I hear those voices ring loud and clear throughout the house.

Don’t tell anyone, but I have been known to set off the “Triple Dog Dare You” ornament just to hear the movie sound bites.

For those of you investing in ornaments with sound, I highly recommend removing the batteries as you put the ornaments away after Christmas. Batteries can and will corrode if left in the ornament and that obviously will destroy your favorite ornaments.

 Carlton Heirloom A Christmas Story Ralphie In Bunny Suit Ornament #CXOR-097RCheck Price A Christmas Story – Triple-Dog-Dare Carlton Cards Christmas OrnamentCheck Price


Red Rider BB Gun Bumper Sticker

This Sticker is Available for Purchase by Simply Clicking it

The Red Ryder BB Gun

The Red Ryder BB Gun is another “must have” for A Christmas Story enthusiast!

As you have probably already guessed, indeed I did give a Red Ryder BB Gun to my husband for Christmas one year.   This was such a special gift, that I also gave one to our son and to my father. Either of the men will graciously lend me their BB gun when I want to get in a bit of target practice myself.

By now you know we are all “A Christmas Story” and Red Ryder BB gun fans.   However, we don’t duplicate every action from the movie.  So far, none of the men have shot their eye out, even though the words “You’ll shoot your eye out kid” is often the phrase of the day in our home.

 Daisy 997938-403 Model 1938 Red Ryder 75th Anniversary Special Edition RifleCheck Price

The Daisy Red Ryder BB gun is truly a classic in it’s own right.  Many of us have fond memories of receiving our first Red Ryder BB gun.  The BB gun featured here is the 75th Anniversary Daisy Red Ryder BB gun.  It has a solid wood stock that sports a  laser engraved 75th Anniversary Red Ryder logo.

Oh! One more thing, be sure to order your BB’s at the same time you order your BB gun.  Like all of us are when we receive a new toy for Christmas, the recipient will want to “play” immediately.


A Christmas Story Stocking Filled with Christmas Story Stocking Stuffers!

 Christmas Story StockingCheck Price
The perfect Christmas gift for A Christmas Story movie enthusiast, is a Christmas Story leg lamp stocking filled with Christmas Story stocking stuffers including mugs, key rings, additional ornaments, stickers, bookmarks, etc!

You will find dozens of great stocking stuffers, as well as additional Christmas Story gifts by simply clicking this link:   Christmas Story Products

A stocking filled with Christmas Story trinkets is bound to be a favorite gift for any Christmas Story fan. Plus, they will be able to use the stocking stuffer gifts throughout the year and not just on Christmas day.


A Christmas Story Party Night!

The perfect Christmas Story party consists of donning our Christmas Story pajamas, setting out our Christmas Story plates and napkins, grabbing our Christmas Story fudge and putting on A Christmas Story DVD!

It is an evening, or afternoon, of great fun and laughter.  This is truly a party everyone can enjoy.  Just make sure you have pajamas for all of the attendees.   Otherwise, they may want to literally take the shirt off your back.

Are you ready to party Christmas Story style?

 CafePress Christmas Story Women’s Dark Pajamas Women’s Dark Pajamas – M WithCheck Price Ohh FFFFUDGE!! A Christmas Story Creamy Chocolate FudgeCheck Price CafePress Soft Glow of Electric Sex – Christmas Story Lamp M Men’s Dark PajamasCheck Price


For a really unique and fun party, you might want to dress as a Leg Lamp yourself. This is sure to thrill your Christmas Story fans. Of course, you might want to reserve this costume for a special party for two.

 one size – Leg Lamp Adult DressCheck Price

Sadly, this costume runs small and only fits adult sizes up to a size 10. The diamond hose would have to be purchased separately to complete the look, but what a fabulously fun costume for someone who is shaped just right to wear it.


A Christmas Story Video

 A Christmas Story (Full-Screen Edition)Check Price

Over the years, we have had several copies of “A Christmas Story” starting back in the good old days with our original VHS tape.

It is a really good thing we had multiple copies of this movie because when our children left for college, they each took a copy with them.   Of course, that did give us a good excuse to upgrade to the latest format.

Everyone wants to own their own copy of this awesome movie, but it is also available to watch instantly with Amazon Instant Video.  It is really cool to be able to watch the movie on your own personal computer or compatible device.



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