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Call of Cthulhu Gifts

Cthulhu plush toyIf you are a fan, or know a fan of Call of Cthulhu by H. P. Lovecraft and are searching for the perfect gift, you have come to the right place.  Gift shopping for a Cthulhu fan is made easy here as we explore lots of gift ideas and suggestions for every Lovecraft enthusiast.

Because Lovecraft has many fans, Cthulhu gifts and merchandise have become extremely popular and often sell out quickly.  There are even several Christmas decorations for fans.

If you love Cthulhu, you are not alone!

Special note to Cthulhu fans:  You will definitely want to listen to the video featured in this article.  The young man is quite talented and is clearly a gifted lyrics writer.  You will appreciate his parody.


Who or What is Cthulhu

Do You Know Who, or What, Cthulhu Is?

If you are not already familiar with Lovecraft’s stories, you can find out all about him and the creature in the article linked below.


Cthulhu Puppet and Plush

 Toy Vault 12004 Mini PlushCheck PriceThese are Cthulhus you can control!

A plush is an absolute for Cthulhu lovers.  Personally, I think the Santa Cthulhu plush shown below is hilarious, although I can imagine the creature trying to sneak into your home by using a disguise.

The mini plush shown on the right is perfect to give anytime or to put in a stocking where he can peer out over the edge and await discovery on Christmas morning.

Last, but by no mean least in the plush line-up, are the puppets.  They are always fun and very entertaining, but do be careful if you live in the house with the human behind the puppet.  People could easily sneak up on you and scare your socks right off your feet when you come face to face with Cthulhu unexpectedly in a dark room.  In fact, look out for where he rests or “stands” when not in use.  They look pretty frightening resting on a bed, sitting in a chair or positioned on the back knob of a bar stool.

 Toy Vault Hand PuppetCheck Price Santa Plush – Large by Toy VaultCheck Price


Cthulhu Dice Bag and Dice

A great gift for the Cthulhu game player!  The Dice Bag and Dice are sold separately, but would truly make fantastic gifts for paraphernalia collectors!

 Call of Cthulhu: Black and Green Dice, Set of 7Check Price  Dice Bag[Fabric]Check Price


The Cthulhu Necklace

The necklace is the perfect gift for the girl who loves Cthulhu!

Cthulhu may well seem like a creature that would captivate boys only, but I assure you, they are plenty of girls who love the creature too.  This necklace would easily become their favorite birthday gift or gift of the season.

 Large Octopus Pendant Silver Tone Cthulhu Steampunk Necklace – Handmade Pirate Accessory!Check Price


 Cthulhu Knitted Ski Mask 12031 by Toy VaultCheck Price

The Ultimate Outdoor Attire for the Lovecraft Fan

A Knitted Hat

What a fun way to “reflect” your love for Cthulhu!

A totally unique way to feel the warmth of Christmas and scare the dickens out of anyone you meet.

We gave this knitted hat to our son last Christmas and he totally flipped over it. He wore the hat all Christmas day.  Even now, he enjoys wearing it on cold days throughout the weather months.
 Toy Vault WreathCheck Price

Deck the Halls with Cthulhu

The Cthulhu Christmas Wreath

Featuring the Elder Sign on a star at the top, this Christmas Wreath beckons fans!

This wreath is the quintessential holiday decoration for the Cthulhu enthusiast.  You may wonder how I know that and I can tell you, I know if from experience.  I purchased this wreath for our son a few years ago.  It hangs on his bedroom door year round.

It seems Cthulhu is the great gate keeper to his lair.

Not just for Christmas!

Cthulhu Stocking Stuffer Gifts

Finding the right stocking stuffers can sometimes be a bit challenging since they need to be items that are small enough to fit in an actual stocking.  A tin of mints is the perfect size to be a real stocking stuffer!

The lighter is obviously a gift that is designed for the older Lovecraft fan.  Wouldn’t want to get any school age children in trouble, but every adult fan needs a light in their pocket!  This is another recommendation for a stocking stuffer for your those Lovecraft fans on your gift list.

After all, everyone who knows about Lovecraft’s creature, knows you never know when you may need a light.

Cthulhu Christmas Gifts

  MintsCheck Price Cthulhu Monster True Detective Flip Top Oil Cigarette LighterCheck Price  With Santa Hat Christmas Tree OrnamentCheck Price



Hey There Cthulhu

Fans Must Hear This Song!

For me and mine, this song is just for fun!  It is not meant to be sacrilegious or taken literally.

Read “The Last Christmas” starring Cthulhu Here!

Click the Blue Link Below

  • Penny Arcade – The Last Christmas
    How it Begins: (Just a snippet to get you started)
    “Just as was written in black books of dread, The end of the world came in green and then red”




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