Beautiful Franz Porcelain Teapots

Franz Porcelain Teapots are Stunning Works of Art!
Franz Porcelain Teapots

Franz porcelain teapots are beautifully designed, intricately detailed and uniquely stunning!  Franz teapots will enrich your surroundings and add beauty throughout your home.  Not only are they gorgeous teapots, they are breathtaking works of art.  I can tell you from experience that the beauty in the featured photo is an exquisite piece.  My son give it to me for my birthday.

Inspired by a love of nature, each Franz teapot is very lifelike and embraces a world of beauty.  I have no doubt that anyone would be awestruck by these exquisite designs and masterful creations.


Franz Porcelain Luminescence Magnificent Peacock Design Sculptured Porcelain Teapot

Since I personally own this particular Peacock teapot, I can tell you that it is definitely more beautiful in person.  This teapot is an excellent example of the exceptional artistry associated with every Franz Porcelain piece.  The unique design is a true masterpiece!

If you are wondering how you fill this teapot, the back part of the tail feather with the little twirled end is actually a lid with a finger hold.  That is one of the ways Franz combines practicality with beautiful decorative details.

 Franz Porcelain Luminescence Magnificent Peacock Design Sculptured Porcelain TeapotCheck Price


“Everyone likes birds.

What wild creature is more accessible to our eyes and ears,

as close to us and everyone in the world, as universal as a bird?”

— David Attenborough —

Additional Bird Teapots

Franz Porcelain Teapots

I will willingly share with you that the birds are my favorite of the Franz Porcelain teapot collection.  After all, I do own that gorgeous Peacock above, and I also want the Phoenician Flight Bird teapot.  Both the peacock and the Phoenician flight bird lend well to a teapot design.   As you can see for yourself, the teapot spouts resemble the birds neck.  I love how each teapot is so uniquely designed.

There are also teapots that have the little birds as on additional element of the design style, such as the song bird or the Shangri-la bird below.  Either of these teapots make gorgeous decorator pieces in a home, but you can also use them for their intended purpose, making tea.


 Franz Shangri-la Bird Of Paradise Flower TeapotCheck Price Franz Porcelain Bamboo Song Bird Design TeapotCheck Price Franz Porcelain Phoenix in Flight bird teapot Franz Fine PorcelainCheck Price



Franz Peaceful Lotus Teapot

While the birds may be my own personal first choice, I do also love all of the floral teapots!  It is really hard to have a favorite when they are all so beautifully and artistically designed.  Flowers are always welcome in a home and these flowers will certainly be lovely for decades to come.

The Peaceful Lotus teapot below is one awesome example of the stunningly gorgeous floral teapots.  Such a breathtakingly beautiful teapot must have been inspired by a real love of nature and appeals to all nature lovers!

Personally, I think the combination of pinks & blues on this teapot are perfectly gorgeous.  This would truly be a lovely decorator piece in any home.  By adding the little Kingfisher on the lid, the artists have combined both a bird and flowers together for a stunning teapot.

 Franz Porcelain – Lotus and Kingfisher – TeapotCheck Price


“I am following Nature without being able to grasp her,

I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.”

— Claude Monet —

Additional Floral Teapots by Franz

What a great way to have a arrangement of flowers that will never welt and never die!

Here are more of fabulous examples of the graceful floral designs by Franz Porcelain.  Even though these teapots have a more traditional teapot design, they a still clearly unique.   I really love the handles on the two Van Gogh flower designs.

 Franz Porcelain Van Gogh Almond flower teapot Franz Fine PorcelainCheck Price Franz Porcelain Lily of the Nile Teapot, FZ02616Check Price Franz Porcelain Van Gogh Iris flower teapot Franz Fine PorcelainCheck Price


 Franz Porcelain Endless Beauty Giraffe Design Sculptured Porcelain TeapotCheck Price

Franz Porcelain Endless Beauty Giraffe Design Sculptured Porcelain Teapot

This is easily one of my favorite in the animal designs of the Franz Porcelain teapots.

Giraffes are such graceful animals to watch.  Many times I have observed the mother giraffe tending to the baby and wondered how such a large animal could be so tender and gentle.  I love the true representation of the real animal presented here as well as the creative way the designers made this handle.

A mother’s love is so beautifully captured with this gorgeously styled teapot.  The mother gracefully twists her lovely long neck to kiss her baby, which is clearly being sheltered from harm.


 Franz Amphibia Frog TeapotCheck Price

Franz Frog Teapot

I just love that little frog!  Isn’t he absolutely adorable!

I have a huge “family” of frogs in my backyard.  They come out for dinner every evening.  Just last night, I was outside watching the “father” frog dining with the “mother” frog and I was shocked when I looked down to see a tiny little baby frog at my feet.  If he hadn’t hopped, I might never have noticed him, he was so little.  Now, I am sorry I didn’t think to take his picture.  Perhaps, tonight I will crash their dinner party again and see that little one.  If so, I will be camera ready for sure!

This is definitely an adorable teapot for frog lovers.


Unique Piece Combines the Arts with Nature

 Franz Fine PorcelainCheck Price

Franz Porcelain Prima Ballerina Teapot

Another stunningly gorgeous decorators piece!

Just like the Swan Lake ballet represented here, this teapot is a unique masterpiece with breathtaking appeal and brilliance!

Like a ballerina on stage, the teapot is gracefully elegant and stunningly gorgeous with very dramatic effect.  Truly a showpiece that will add beauty to your home and reflect a love of the arts.

Teapot measures 9.5″ x 5″ w x  7.5″ h


“In the green bamboos one finds beautiful scenery

Birds move in and out and butterflies fly around

It is a paradise in the world of mortals, a heaven in the sky

I would like to be gone with the wind, dancing with the shadow

Sauntering slowly in the breeze

Even if the rain falls

My spirit is free”

— Franz Collection —

Franz Porcelain Peace & Harmony Teapot

This may appear to be a more simplistic design, but look a little closer.

The Peace & Harmony teapot bears the Franz distinction of design and quality.  The bamboo wrapped teapot is intricately sculptured and the butterfly on the handle adds a beautiful splash of color just as a live butterfly does in any field of green.

 Franz Porcelain Peace & Harmony bamboo teapot Franz Fine PorcelainCheck Price


It is certainly easy to see how we could all end up owning a collection of the Franz Porcelain Teapots.  It really is hard to choose just one!

Additional Franz Porcelain Collections

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Franz Porcelain Teapots



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  1. These porcelain teapots are truly gorgeous, each and every one. So intricate and delicate looking.

  2. Sam Monaco says:

    What wonderful and beautiful selection of teapots, I’m sure any one of these would make a perfect gift for a tea lover.

  3. Susan says:

    The peacock teapot was a wonderful choice by your son – how very special! These Franz porcelain teapots are truly beautiful works of art.

  4. What a lovely collection! These teapots are almost too beautiful to make tea in.

  5. Dawn Rae says:

    These teapots are amazing! So beautiful that it makes me want to become a tea drinker just so I have a reason to buy one.

  6. Louanne says:

    How gorgeous – I love tea pots almost as much as I enjoy my cup of tea. I think the giraffe one is my favorite from your collection of Franz Porcelain teapots.

  7. Tony Allocca says:

    I’m trying to find the value of a miniature Franz hand decorated black cat design teapot. Still in its box.
    Peek-a-boo “tea for two” designed by Toni Goffe
    Can anyone recommend someone who can help me?
    Thank you

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