Animal Shaped Hardwood Cutting Boards

Animal Shaped Hardwood Cutting BoardsI am always on the lookout for unique gifts!  I recently came across these fabulous animal shaped cutting boards made by Tom Roche.  He has quite a few wonderful designs in his shop that include charging stations and lazy susans.

Everything in his store is awesome, but I was enchanted by the animal shaped cutting boards.

Every household has someone who cooks.  Every cook or chef enjoys having the right tools to do the job.  Having one that is also beautifully designed, is better yet.

When these cutting boards are not in use, they also make gorgeous decorative pieces in the kitchen.  They really are that beautiful!



Animal Shaped Cutting Boards

 Elephant Cutting Board SetCheck PriceI visited Tom Roche’s store when I was initially drawn there by a Twitter tweet of the Elephant Cutting board collection.  My daughter loves elephants and I thought they would make a wonderful surprise Christmas gift.   They are simply the perfect little family of elephants!

Once in the store though, I found an outstanding collection of animal shaped cutting boards.  On my!  I kid you not when I tell you, I am now in a quandary.  I honestly don’t know if my daughter would prefer the elephant or the kitty cat cutting board.  I asked myself, does she need two cutting boards?  I really want her to have both.

Then my eyes landed on the moose shaped cutting board!  I just about flipped!  I love moose.  Even my everyday dinnerware features a moose.  The moose cutting board would be the perfect complimentary piece with my dishes.  I could also use this cutting board on my table as a trivet.

 Moose Cheese Cutting Board Handcrafted from Mixed HardwoodsCheck Price Kitty Cheese Cutting Board Handcrafted from Mixed HardwoodsCheck Price 3 Whale’s Wood Cutting Board Set Handcrafted from Mixed HardwoodsCheck Price


Practical & Decorative Wooden Cutting Boards

Since you can use both sides of these cutting boards, I recommend using one side for actual cutting and the other side for decoration.

Several of the animal cutting boards come in a set of varying sizes and some are only currently available in individual sizes.  However, Tom Roche does take custom orders.  If there is something you want that you don’t see, ask him to make it for you!  They certainly make the perfect gift.





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