Table Topics Game: A Family Gift

Table Topics GameA family conversation starter disguised as a game, that’s what Table Topics Game is. These are simple questions but ones that are safe for every age in the family.  With conversation between parents and children a valuable asset in today’s busy lifestyles, a way to get the kids talking is welcome in many households.

Table Topics Game: It’s All About the Questions

The Table Topics Game for families is made up 138 questions. These are the conversation starters. Each question is designed to be safe for even the younger kids, while still being intriguing to the older kids.

My extended family played this game during our last gathering. We had the grown-ups, teenagers and even my 5-year-old granddaughter playing along. Our most popular question was “what is your favorite amusement park ride?” This one sparked many fun answers and lots of discussion.

The questions in Table Topics Game are more than just fun. Many are thought-provoking. “What would you change about your school” was a question that started an amazing discussion that all ages participated in.

For the Table and More

The suggestion that you keep this simple game at your dinner table is a great one, I agree. But, there is so much more to using it. Long car rides is a perfect example. Along with times where waiting is involved.

We took the Table Topics game with us to pick up family members at the airport. The car ride was long, but so was the wait for the plane to arrive. The questions were fun to answer, but it was the discussions that followed that made the drive and the wait so much easier.

More Table Topics Game Editions

The manufacturers of Table Topics game had the intelligence to make a variety of editions. The family version has questions perfect for school age kids. But, other editions have questions geared to more adult functions or more thought provoking questions. Here are some of my favorites.

These conversation starting cubes of questions make great gift ideas for just about anyone. The couples version of Table Topics game has become my favorite gift to give newlyweds, but every family with children now gets the family edition for Christmas. For families with young children, I will include a pre-school board game, but I still like to give a Table Topics game.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Wow! This sounds like a fabulous game! I can’t believe we haven’t played it yet. We love games like this, especially games that provoke conversation. I learn a lot about my children and what they think about subjects when we play simple games. When they were children, I doubt they recognized how revealing they were with answers. As adults, they are willing to challenge my viewpoints and I have no problem with that. I learn even more now. Ironically, now I learn more about myself.

  2. This fun-sounding game is completely new to me, so I’m delighted to learn about it. I love family games, especially ones that begin lively discussions. We are a vocal family, so this game would be perfect for us.

  3. Barb says:

    I have three grown children with families of their own and was wondering what other thing I might add to their Christmas boxes this year. Wow! This is it!

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