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Give the Gift of Guardian Bells – Protect the Biker You Love

Guardian Bells for BikersIf you happen to love a biker, then you know how stressful it can be to watch them ride off.  Whether they are going to work, or simply riding for fun, we worry that the “evil spirits” on the road will grab them.  Many of us say a prayer for their safe return.  We breathe a deep sign of relief when we hear that engine purring when they are home again.

There are actually several gifts that we could give our beloved bikers to help protect them.  The very first gift I give my husband when he buys a new motorcycle is a Guardian Bell.  Legend has it that the Guardian Bell will trap evil road spirits and the bells ringing will drive them crazy.  Then the evil road spirits fall to the ground never to cause mishap again.

You may think this is the equivalent of sending the cyclist out with a four leaf clover or rabbit’s foot, but it is not.  Guardian Bells are made specifically for motorcyclist for the purpose of protecting them from those evil road spirits that cause mechanical problems.  I believe better safe than sorry.  Therefore, every cycle has it’s very own, new and never used, Guardian Bell.  Okay, so we have a collection of Guardian Bells beside the photos of each cycle.  That’s fine!  They are not very expensive.  Plus, they serve as a reminder of how every cycle to date has brought my sweetheart home safely.  I have often wondered how many evil road spirits he has left bouncing on the ground behind him.


Guardian Bells for Motorcycles

 Holy Cross Guardian Bell and hangerCheck Price

The Guardian Bells are available in a lot of different styles.  You choose which one best suits your biker and give him the gift that tells him you want him to stay safe.  Several of the Guardian Bells will remind you of gargoyles used to protect your home.  Others feature angels or crosses which are symbolic of those prayers I mentioned earlier.  Some even feature warrior symbols or fierce animals.

Each bell comes with a specially designed hanger for attaching the Guardian Bell to the motorcycle.

The message of the bell will be heard loud and clear by every biker.  Love and protection are paramount!

 Guardian Bell
Live to Ride,
Ride to Live
Check Price
Check Price
 Guardian® Ghost Rider Skull on Motorcycle Biker Luck Gremlin Riding Bell Check Price Guardian® Wolf Head Motorcycle Biker Luck Gremlin Riding Bell Check Price

Guardian Bells for Bikers




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