Christmas Vacation Gifts

Christmas Vacation GiftsNational Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, starring Chevy Chase, is truly one of the funniest Christmas movies ever released. I love giving and receiving Christmas Vacation gifts!

Every year our whole family gathers to watch “Christmas Vacation.” We still laugh at the hilarious scenes, which we have all memorized. After the movie, we participate in a new family tradition. We drink eggnog from our Christmas Vacation moose mugs! Yes, it is true. My parents and my husband each gave me 2 sets of moose mugs one year for Christmas so we would have enough for everyone in the family.

The Griswold family would be proud to know we reenact scenes from Christmas Vacation as part of our Christmas celebration. Oh, and have I told you that we even have our own Cousin Eddie?

This movie leaves me with such laughter and longing. Each year I hope someone will give me a subscription to the jelly of the month club.


The Beginning of Christmas Vacation

From the very beginning, we all all laughing!  The movie opens with the Griswold family going out to chop down a Christmas tree for their home.  Like many families at Christmas, this is a festive occasion.  They are enjoying their afternoon drive and singing Christmas carols.  That family fun all ends when Clark is cut-off in traffic and ends up literally under an 18 wheeler.

They do eventually get their tree and head home only to discover the tree is way too tall for their home.


Hallmark Christmas Vacation “The Griswold Family Christmas Tree” Ornament

 Hallmark 2011 Christmas VacationCheck Price


Christmas Vacation Moose Mugs

These Are the mugs I own and I can personally recommend them for anyone who loves Christmas Vacation! They are truly an awesome gift and one you can use year after year!

 Christmas Eggnog Moose Mugs – Gift Boxed Set of 2 – Safer Than GlassCheck Price

Every year since my parents and my husband gave me the sets of Christmas Vacation moose mugs, we get them out, wash them and have them ready to use before Thanksgiving.

Because our family lives spread out across the United States and they must divide their time between families, we have company of and on from the week of Thanksgiving through New Years.

We certainly wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to enjoy the moose mugs and I certainly would not wish to deny any of my family members the opportunity to drink eggnog from the moose cups from Christmas Vacation.

It has become our own family tradition!



From Our Personal Family Album ~ One Way to Hold Your Moose Mug as Demonstrated by My Own Brother.

Moose Mug Held
 Christmas Mini Moose Mug Tree OrnamentCheck Price

Christmas Vacation Moose Mug Ornament

You can enjoy drinking your eggnog from a Christmas Vacation moose mug, or you could Hang Your Moose Mug in Your Christmas Tree!

I have no doubt that any Christmas Vacation enthusiast will wish to have both the Moose mug for drinking, as well as a moose mug ornament for their Christmas tree.

The ornament makes a great stocking stuffer!



 Cousin Eddie’s RV – National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation OrnamentCheck PriceCousin Eddie’s RV Ornament – A Real Gift For the True Christmas Vacation Movie Lover

So much of the fun and memorial quotes from Christmas Vacation are directly related to Cousin Eddie’s RV.  I can’t even look at this ornament without laughing!  Eddie is quite proud of his RV. He even admonishes Clark “don’t you go falling in love with it now, because, we’re taking it with us when we leave here next month”.

When I just look at this ornament, I can just hear Cousin Eddie’s voice in my head explaining his actions one early morning. I bet you all know the scene I am referencing here.


Christmas Vacation T-Shirts

 Chicago Blackhawks Griswold 00 T-shirt (Large)Check PriceOh, So Much Fun to Remember, Wear & Share

This is an absolute must for the avid fan. My own husband has been known to wear his t-shirt throughout the year, but you will find him wearing it almost every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas. He loves that shirt!

From watching tv to Christmas shopping, it is his favorite holiday attire.  Now that I am reminded, I need to get him another one this year for Christmas.  I do get tired of doing the laundry on a daily basis just so his favorite holiday shirt is clean and ready to wear.


Autographed “Christmas Vacation” Photos

My Husband Always Gets in Trouble When He Laughs at this Scene!

A&R Exclusive - NICOLETTE SCORSESE Autographed/Signed Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation 8x10 Photo with special inscriptionA&R Exclusive – NICOLETTE SCORSESE Autographed/Signed Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation 8×10 Photo with special inscriptionCheck Price


Jelly of the Month

 Gourmet Jam & Jelly of the Month Club- 12 MonthsCheck Price

Reviewing Christmas Vacation gifts would simply not be complete if I didn’t include an opportunity for you to get your own Jelly of the Month subscription.   Would you believe there really are Jelly of the Month Club subscriptions for 12 months!

This is just too funny!  I can just imagine the laughter each month when that jar of jelly or jam arrives.


After all, “it’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year!”



Scenes from Christmas Vacation & Christmas Vacation Title Song

Now, here is my little treat for you! I love watching this video. It makes me want to stop everything and watch the movie again.




Buy Your Own Copy of Christmas Vacation Today!

You don’t have to wait for Christmas!

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