The Kong Wubba Dog Toy

Wubba dog toyBest Gift the Your Energetic Dog

Since we have had several dogs over the years, we have had a lot of experience with dog toys.  Few survive the playful puppies like the Wubba dog toy.  Some dog toys will even encourage the pups to seek out other stuffed animals in the house and rip them to shreds.  This can be very sad if the puppy manages to find an irreplaceable treasured toy.

Not only are the stuffed animal dog toys easy to destroy, but the dog drool covered fur of a stuffed animal toy is not fun to touch.  It can really be quite disgusting to accidentally step on an abandoned wet fur dog toy.  If the fur should dry, it is still not a fun experience to touch.  The fur of a stuffed animal toy tends to dry hard and spiky.  Not only is the fur gross, but the stuffing of the poor dog toy is usually ripped out immediately and shredded across the floor, thus creating a cleaning job for the homeowner.  Stuffing can also be a choking hazard for dogs.  If ingested, stuffing can be quite dangerous and even deadly.

Dogs need toys and after years of trying different toys with our dogs, we finally found a dog toy that will not only last longer, but does not resemble a stuffed animal.  This selection makes all of us happy and leaves our Build-a-Bear animals intact.


labrador retriever and wubba
Our Pup, Merlin, with his favorite dog toy


Our Dogs Favorite Wubba

Since Merlin is a Labrador Retriever, he is a pretty active dog.  Like all dogs, he needs playtime and a safe place to run, jump and retrieve.  The large Kong Wubba dog toy is the perfect size for him.   He will carry the wubba by the large part of the body, but he frequently catches it by the flapping tails.

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Remnants of the Stuffed Animal

As you can see, this poor stuff animal toy which was made for dogs, did not last very long.  He was ripped to shreds and his stuffing was spread across the den floor.

shredded stuffed animal toy


A Happy Dog and His Dog Toy

This Image Makes Me Happy Too!

labrador retriever with kong wubba toy


Dog Toy for Outdoor Play

As you can see in the photo above, Merlin keeps his toy close at all times.  The Wubba is a great indoor companion for our dogs, but it is also a great outdoor toy!   Unlike the stuffed animal dog toy, a Wubba dog toy dries and is almost like new!  It is the perfect dog toy for a game of cat and mouse.


labrador with wubba toy
Wubba Dog Toy – Catch and Retrieve photo

Kong Wubba Toys

Wubba dog toys come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.   As you can see in the photos, Merlin’s favorite is the large red toy, but he also owns the large camo colored Kong dog toy.  We have a smaller dog that prefers the small wubba simply because she has a smaller mouth.

The size that you would want to purchase, depends on the size of your own fur baby.  Merlin is a normal size Labrador Retriever and he prefers the large wubba.   You can see in the photos the relative size of his large toy to the size of his mouth.

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