Faux Fur Scarves

Faux Fur Collar Scarf
Faux Fur Scarves are a Fabulous Trend
Faux Fur Scarves are a wonderful way to dress up your coat or add the perfect accessory to your wardrobe!  They also make great gifts for the women and girls in your family, as well as your girlfriends.

We would all love to have a new coat for winter.  However, with the struggling economy, many of us cannot afford a new coat this year, but we can feel like we have a new coat with these wonderful faux fur scarves.  Actually, you could buy several and feel like you have a closet full of new coats and sweaters.

Let me show you a few different ways to use Faux Fur Scarves to add new life to your wardrobe without spending a lot of money.  To start, let me point out how that faux fur scarf shawl shown in the photo on the left certainly adds beauty to that basic red coat.

With many of the faux fur scarves, you can leave one side longer, as shown in picture below, or you can pull the ends even which gives the collar effect and would be really beautiful with a turtleneck sweater!

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Faux Fur Scarf Draped for Collar Effect

Wear your scarf as a collar by draping one or both ends in the back!

This is a fairly common way to wear any scarf, but with the faux fur scarf, it looks from like a fur collar.  
A beautiful accent to dress up any coat.  Not only beautiful when you are all buttoned up, but this is truly a really lovely effect when you are wearing your coat unbuttoned and open too.

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Shorter Faux Fur Scarves

Sometimes we really just want a short collar style scarf that will accent a sweater or blouse without the hanging ends. This is a lovely collar scarf and is available in a variety of colors and faux furs.

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Basically Beautiful Faux Fur Scarf ~ Infinity Scarf

This gorgeous scarf is a great way to add the basic beauty to any coat or sweater.  This infinity scarf is available in multiple colors including several natural colors, plus blue or wine red.  Either of these beautiful Infinity scarves would be a lovely addition to your winter wardrobe or given as a gift.

The infinity scarf is one continuous loop of fabric.  It can be worn long and will drop to about waist length, it could be wrapped & shaped to resemble a cowl neck or even pulled up over your head as a hood when needed.

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More Beautiful Faux Fur Scarves

Either of these Faux Fur Scarf styles are also very pretty options and would cover a multitude of age signs and wear on your coat.

These faux fur scarves are a wide one piece shawl style scarf that actually has hidden loops and included buttons giving the appearance that it slips over your head like the featured Infinity scarf above.  They are not only a great way to add beauty to your coat or outfit, but they also add warmth!  For those of us who seem to stay cold from September through April, the warmth is almost more important than the added touch of style and beauty.

Both of these scarves are available in additional colors by simple clicking on the style you prefer below.

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