Handmade Felted Animal Purses

Handmade Felted HandbagsEvery woman loves to own unique and original accessories.  One of the best original accessories is a woman’s handbag or purse.  A handmade handbag is guaranteed to be unique and original simply because it is impossible to make every stitch uniform when stitching by hand.

I recently found a designer on Etsy that makes fabulous felted purses that feature adorable animals.  Any of her handbags would be a rare and beautiful addition to a wardrobe.

In the FeltedFantasies store on Etsy, you will find a tremendous selection of needle felted purses.  The animals are absolutely marvelous.  It is hard to choose just one handbag from this collection.

Handbags are often a fashion statement.  These purses allow you to express your passion for originality, as well as your love of animals.


Handmade Felted Handbags Featuring Animals

Textile artist, Sheila Saxon, truly makes gorgeous handbags!  These beautiful purses are needle felted with roving wool.  They are a true work of art!  No need to search for these lovely handbags at local art shows or galleries.  They are now available to buy online at Etsy.  I selected a few of my own personal favorites to feature here on the Gift Menagerie, but you will want to visit FeltedFantasies to see Sheila’s complete line of fabulous felted handbags.

If you don’t see one that you immediately fall in love with, Sheila also takes custom orders.  Perhaps you would like to see your own pet featured on a lovely handbag.

 Red Fox Art Handbag Squirrel Art Handbag Rabbit Art Handbag

The purses differ in dimensions, but they all have a firm strap for hanging your handbag on your shoulder and carrying.  Also, they all have an interior pocket.  The closures also vary.  Many have button closures, but others have a magnetic snap closure.

Either of these pretty animal handbags would make a lovely gift.  Mothers, daughters, girlfriends and sisters will all love these purses featuring the precious animals.  They are all wonderfully adorable!


Handmade Felted Animal Purses