The Gift of Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime GiftUnfortunately, Amazon no longer allows us to give Amazon Prime as a gift. It is a great gift though if they ever start allowing it again.

Giving the gift of Amazon Prime may sound like an odd gift at first.  However, everyone wants free shipping when they shop online.  Therefore, giving that person who has everything an Amazon Prime membership is, in effect, paying their shipping cost for their purchases all year-long.

In addition to free shipping with Amazon Prime, members get to select a free book for their Kindle every month.  Therefore, you are giving them a book each month too.

Members also get free prime movies to watch all day, every day, year round.  I often watch free movies on my laptop when I want to relax.  We also have a Roku hooked up on our television so when the whole family has a movie they want to watch together, they can watch if free together.  It was really awesome when I had a houseful of guest this past Thanksgiving.  With thousands of movies, old & new, to choose from, the group was entertained for hours and it didn’t cost a cent.

Primarily because of the free movies and television shows on Amazon, we were able to get rid of cable TV.  Therefore, we save over $100 a month by eliminating that service.

We have all heard the term, “the gift that keeps on giving”.  Well, an Amazon Prime membership is definitely a gift that keeps giving year-round.  That is why it makes the perfect gift for anyone.


Benefits of Amazon Prime

  • Free 2-day shipping with qualifying prime products (most products on Amazon qualify for the 2 day shipping
  • Listen to Prime Music for free
  • Watch Prime Movies for free
  • Free Books for Kindle
  • Access to Lending Library for Kindle Books
  • Buy from Prime Pantry – Have Your Groceries Delivered to Your Front Door
  • Unlimited Photo Storage

Regardless of age, gender, home owner or renter, college student or parent, Amazon Prime truly makes the perfect gift for anyone.   It also makes a wonderful family gift or even a gift for yourself! 



Amazon Prime Gift