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Peacock VaseFranz Porcelain Vases Come In Many Shapes & Sizes!

If you are a collector of any Franz Porcelain you already know how each individual piece is so beautifully amazing, I certainly do and I love my collection!  However, I have found that the Franz porcelain line is so vast it is often hard to take in all in at once unless the options are narrowed a little bit.  Therefore, this article will focus on Franz Porcelain Vases only.  They are sorted into categories to help all of us find the perfect vase in floral, birds, garden themes, and sea scape themes.

When you want to select a gift for someone else,  add to a collection or to your home decor, it is great to find a place where you can find specific styles which will coordinate with what is already in the collection or will coordinate with the home or office decorating style.  Once we start thinking in terms of themes or favorite colors, gift selection or home decorating becomes a lot easier.  I find that if I love the theme or the color, my home will be decorated to suit my own personal tastes and that is extremely important to me since it is my home.  If you are purchasing a gift, think about the the recipients favorite color or the colors you see used most in their home decor.  That will help you make a gift selection that will thrill them beyond words.

You will find both subtle, as well as bold and fantastic designs, in this Franz collection of gorgeous vases.


Themes From The Sea — Franz Porcelain Vases

Franz Porcelain Vases are an amazing gift for anyone, including yourself, who loves to decorate or collect remarkable vases.  The vase looks amazing all by itself and is even more appealing when you add a few flowers or a bouquet to it.

Styles you can find with Ocean and Seascape themes are great for anyone who loves the beach or going on a cruise for vacation.  The dolphin is always a favorite of the representations of the sea.

Many of us enjoy our time relaxing on, or by, the lake.  We enjoy the sounds of nature all around us and soak in the tranquil surroundings.  Those moments are often needed to balance our otherwise busy lives.  Few things appear as beautifully tranquil as swans that seem to float on the lake, but they are really more like graceful ballerinas on the water because they are definitely moving their little feet as they glide across the surface.  But, all we see is their graceful beauty.


 Franz Porcelain – Vase – by The Sea


Themes From The Garden Landscape — Franz Porcelain Vases

Franz Porcelain Vases bring our favorite themes indoors.  A Garden landscape theme is perfect for a vase as so often the garden is a place where the natural habitat of things we commonly put is vases resides.

Styles you can find with Garden Landscape themes are great for anyone who loves gardening or spending time relaxing and enjoying the garden and outdoors.

Franz porcelain is known for combining the delicate balance of birds, insects and flowers together to make a stunning design on even the smallest pieces in home decor.

 Franz Porcelain Fluttering Beauty Flower & Butterfly Small Vase, FZ01839 FZ03422 Franz New introduction Blossoming Love – Iris Design Sculptured Porcelain Vase


Floral Design Themes — Franz Porcelain Vases

Franz Porcelain Vases are perfect for flowers, flower arrangements, bouquets, and so much more.  You can even use a vase to display items you would like to organize and keep handy.  This is such a designer way to approach home decor and home organization all in one.

Styles you can find with Floral Design themes are great for anyone who loves the flowers and floral arrangements.

Even without adding live flowers or anything inside these vases, they are fantastically gorgeous.  The beauty of a flower really does speak for itself.

 Franz Porcelain Island Beauty hibiscus flower mid size vase Franz Porcelain Fragrant lily large vase Franz Numerous Blessings Lily Vase


Bird Themes — Franz Porcelain Vases

Franz Porcelain Vases can take your imagination soaring with bird themes.  The most beautifully designed birds embellish a vase bringing the joy of nature and her beautiful creatures indoors.

Styles you can find with Wings in the Sky themes are great for anyone who loves the birds and flying creatures.

From the small, fragile hummingbird to the gloriously triumphant phoenix, these birds not only reflect a color choice, but they carry a certain individual personality that is quite appealing.  Since I personally own the Franz peacock, I can state with assurance that it is the most unique single item in my home.

These vases are not simply vases, they are stunningly gorgeous artwork.

 Franz Collection Luminescence Magnificent Peacock Porcelain Small Vase Franz Porcelain Bamboo Song Bird bud vase Franz Fine Porcelain Franz Porcelain Phoenix in Flight bird mid size vase Franz Fine Porcelain


There really is a very large selection of gorgeous Franz Porcelain Vases.  This page only features a sampling of styles and colors so you can see a sample of the range available.  While I do hope you found exactly what you were looking for right here on this page, if you did not, or if you would simply like to see more before you make your final selections, this is the link to see the more of the beautiful choices in Franz Porcelain Vases.

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