Christmas Gift Baskets Made to Order

Christmas Gift Baskets - Premade or Design Your OwnOne of my all time favorite gifts is Christmas gift baskets, especially if they have been filled with me in mind.  But honestly, even if there are one or two items in a gift basket that I won’t use, chances are someone in the family will love them.  Therefore, any gift basket is greatly appreciated.

Gift Baskets make great gifts anytime, but at Christmas, we often struggle to know exactly what to give someone.  It is especially difficult to buy for someone who has everything.  Or, to buy a gift for an entire family or household.  We have several “family” gifts that we send each year and I bet you do too.  Families with members that range in age can be especially difficult when selecting gifts.  Therefore, a gift basket filled with a variety of items is a fabulous family gift.  That way, there is something for everyone!

Plus, gift baskets make the perfect gift for a couple or for only one very special individual.


Themed Gift Baskets

There is just something extra special about getting a themed gift basket.  When I receive a coffee gift basket, I know the sender knows me well.  A breakfast gift basket would be perfect for both me and my husband, since he loves breakfast and I love coffee.

I would venture to say we all have friends who believe chocolate calls their name.  I can think of several family members instantly who would love a gift basket full of chocolate.

These gift baskets are ready-made, but you also have the option of designing your own gift basket and filling it with your own choices at Design It Yourself Gift Baskets.

 Coffee Rush – Coffee Gift Basket Breakfast for Two – Gourmet Gift Basket For the love of Chocolate – Chocolate Gift Basket


Recommended Gift Basket Site

For many years, I have sent gift baskets to friends and family the live out-of-town. This year, I will be designing my own through Design It Yourself Gift Baskets.

Christmas Gift Baskets
Gourmet Gift Baskets


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  1. Wednesday Elf says:

    I have always loved gift baskets. It is such fun to put together one yourself with a certain person or family in mind as you can choose special treats you know they will love. I used to do food baskets filled with items I knew were favorites that certain people would not usually splurge on for themselves. They were always appreciated.

    My favorite gift basket many years ago was for my brother away at college. He lived in a shared apartment where the guys cooked for themselves. I filled it with his favorites (canned tuna, crackers, cookies, etc., and added a bottle of catsup because he used to put catsup on everything! :). Besides appreciating it, he also got a kick out of me thinking of him and his food ‘likes’.

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