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Don’t you love receiving gifts you can use every day?

Over the years I have accumulated many gifts I treasure, but I love receiving gifts I can use every day.  I also love the daily reminder of the thoughtful loved one who gave the gift. Let me share my list of favorite “every day” gifts that I have received along with some of the reasons why they are so precious to me. These gifts may seem rather “ordinary”, but in fact they are truly some of the best gifts I have ever received. Do you recognize the value in the every day gifts you give?


A Great Way to Start the Day

Coffee Cup with Sentimental ValueMy daughter gave me this coffee cup over 20 years ago.  As you can tell by the mother polar bear’s sweater, I use this cup almost every morning.  I cherish this cup for several reasons.  I know by simply looking at the cup that my little girl gave a lot of thought to choosing this coffee cup.  For starters, I do love polar bears, actually just about any bear, but she knows I love to watch the polar bears swim.

The sentiment, “Thanks for taking care of me” is such a sweet reminder that my daughter appreciated the things I used do for her, even if it was making her wear a coat when she didn’t want to cover up her pretty dress.

Although my daughter is grown and no longer needs me first thing in the morning, it is still wonderful to think of her at the start of each morning with my first cup of coffee.

The coffee mug in the photo above is not longer available anywhere except secondary markets like Ebay.  However,  there are plenty of coffee mugs for mothers.  Choose one that is right for your mom and give it to her.  Don’t be surprised if 20 years from now you note that she is still using it every morning.

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Speaking of Coffee……

 Mr. Coffee VBX23 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, BlackCheck Price

One early morning a few years back, I woke to find that my coffee pot had quit working.  Horror of all horrors!  My son and I ran immediately to the store to buy a replacement.  I certainly could not get through one day without my coffee.

Wow, what a selection.  Different colors, different manufacturers, widely varying prices, clock or no clock, timers, thermal or glass, etc.  I opted for cheap, so we purchased a black Mr Coffee with a glass carafe and no fancy gadgets.  Happy and contented I went home and started cleaning the new coffee maker anticipating my first cup of coffee for the day.  It was then that I noticed that my beautiful new, simple coffee maker did not have an automatic shut-off.  Well you know what that meant.  Back to the store we go.

This time I let my son select the coffeemaker.  He chose the black Mr Coffee with a clock, an automatic shut-off option, and glass carafe.  The cost was not much higher than the one I had purchased.  Eureka, success!

Now every time I look at my coffee maker, I smile and think of my precious son on his knees in the store, reading the boxes and grabbing the only inexpensive, black coffee maker with an automatic shut-off.


Dessert, Drink and Decoration

Gift Used Every Day - Domed Cake PlateThis lovely domed cake plate was a gift from my brother and his wife.  Since I love to bake, and I often have a cake or cupcakes ready to serve, this was a wonderful gift for me.  Not only is it pretty, but it is versatile.  The base can be flipped over to hold the inverted dome and it can then be used as salad bowl or a punch bowl.

Several years ago, I made a floral wreath and placed it around the base of the punch bowl.  It was absolutely stunning on the baby shower table.

 Anchor Hocking Presence Cake Plate w/Dome, 2 Piece Stand & Dome by Anchor HockingCheck Price

 Winsome Oversize Snack Table Set, WalnutCheck Price

Dinner for Two

Now that our children are grown, it is usually only me and my husband at home for dinner.  Instead of using the dinner table, we like to use these wood dinner trays and sit next to each other on the couch.  Sometimes we watch a movie or TV series, but often we simply watch the news.  This may not sound romantic to some of you, but the headline news or political commentaries can certainly stimulates some very lively dinner conversations.


A Lovely Reminder of Love

One Christmas my father-in-law sent us a gorgeous bouquet of flowers in a beautiful vase.  I keep the vase displayed in my kitchen and my husband frequently purchases flowers for me. The vase serves as a constant reminder of my thoughtful in-laws and provides the perfect display for a lovely expression of love.

Since I know the real value of a lovely crystal cut vase, this is a gift I enjoy giving, especially to newlyweds.

 Marquis By Waterford Newberry Vase, 10Check Price

Photo Display

Birthday Cake Made by My Children for MeMy children mixed, baked and decorated this cake for me on my birthday.  Not only was it adorable, it was delicious!

The cake, of course, was long ago devoured, but the picture remains.  I like to display pictures in acrylic, magnetized frames and put them on my refrigerator.  Then I can take a walk down memory lane without dragging out bulky photo albums.

 Magtech Magnetic Photo Pocket Frame, White, Holds 4 x 6 Inches Photos, 10 PackCheck Price

 Charter Club Cozy Plush ThrowCheck Price

Staying Warm on a Cold Day

I am always cold.  Even when it is warm outside and inside the house, I am still cold.

In addition to being extremely intelligent, my daughter has always been very thoughtful and considerate.  She really does consider the individual when she purchases a gift.

A few years ago for Christmas she gave me a blanket throw so I could sit on my comfortable chair, type on my computer and stay warm without having to wear a bulky robe.

This is not a huge or heavy blanket. It is not really made to cover a bed or mattress, but I have been known to carry it to bed with me even though it is a lightweight throw. This throw is the perfect cover size for lounging in a chair, yet big enough to cover an entire body when stretched out on a couch.

It is so thin and lightweight that I don’t feel entangled or weighted down, yet I am warm. It is also extremely soft, which makes it a pleasure to touch or wrap up in.

So Very Nice!
Gifts Used Every Day - Throw Blanket


 Windsor Laptop Stand (Black Cherry)Check Price

Let’s Really Get Down to Business

Here is where I bring it all together!

My husband gave this laptop table to me for Christmas years ago.  It is so convenient to sit comfortably on my couch, covered with my throw, drinking my coffee and writing my Ebay listings and website articles.  The side adjustable section is perfect for my cup of coffee and a piece of cake.

I love mine so much that I gave him a matching laptop table the following Christmas!


Practical Gifts for Every Day Use



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  1. Mouse, you have a very thoughtful family who have chosen just the perfect every day gifts for you. I have a light weight throw with the design of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team as my family knows I often feel cold even in warm weather and that I’m a HUGE baseball fan! I love being able to cover up on the couch while watching my favorite baseball team play on TV.

  2. Susan says:

    I love the stories that go along with each of your gifts. You definitely have a thoughtful family who know you well!

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