Twin Z Pillow For Breastfeeding Moms

We just welcomed a set of twins into our family; so, I’ve been looking at a lot of baby stuff in the last several months. I’ve been thrilled to see the products that are available for parents of multiples! My task today is to share what I think is a really great gift idea for the mother of twins. The Twin Z pillow.
breastfeeding pillow
Most pediatricians are recommending that new moms breastfeed their newborns. I think that is a wonderful idea because there is nothing that can be manufactured that is better for baby than Mom’s own milk. I’ll admit that I worried just a bit about our little Mom of twins and how she was going to manage that with two. But then I thought well that is just silly on my part. For goodness sakes, there are mom’s of multiples all over the world and they are able to feed their babies. Holding one baby while they feed will sometimes make your arms go numb, I wondered what would it be like holding two! Then, I remembered my oldest daughter used a Boppy Pillow while she was nursing her little girl. That is how I came to discover the Twin Z pillow for twins. I was looking at the other pillows to give as a gift.

twin z pillow
THE TWIN Z PILLOW – Breastfeeding, Bottlefeeding, Tummy Time & Support

What I love about the Twin Z pillow is that it can be so much more than just a pillow for breastfeeding! The center can be pushed back to help support mom’s back as she feeds the babies at the same time. I even saw one mom who gave a review say that while she was nursing one, she bottle fed the other while using the pillow.

Once feeding is done the bottom edges can be secured and the babies can lay comfortably inside the empty areas. It will give them a feeling of being snuggled in while keeping them from rolling over. Suffice it to say, the pillow should be on the floor or in the middle of a large bed while using the pillow in this manner. I would not recommend putting it on the sofa or in a chair, I don’t think there would be enough surface for that to be safe.

The Twin Z pillow is rather large measuring in at 38 by 25 by 5 inches. The cover can be removed for easy washing and you can select a cover in other colors than the blue that I am showing here on this page. Reviewers have said that it stays soft and fluffy after several times in the laundry, too.

The pillow is priced at what may seem rather high but for what all it can be used for I think it is well worth the money. Besides, mom’s have reported that it lasts really well even once the babies get big enough to wrestle around with the pillow and jump on it. With so many things for the parents to purchase before and after their little bundles of joy arrive, this might be something they feel they can’t afford. I think this is a great gift idea to come from the grandparents but it is also a wonderful gift for people to go together on for a shower gift. The pillow will be something appreciated every single day while they need to be at the breast or fed with a bottle.



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  1. Cynthia says:

    What a totally fabulous invention! It seems so obvious when you see it and makes me wonder, why didn’t I think of that?!!! My shoulder used to get really tired when holding and feeding babies. Now, I wouldn’t trade that time for anything in the world, but it surely would have been nice to have the pillow to make it a bit less physically taxing.

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