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loofah kitty toyThe Kitties Need Gifts Too!

Several times though out the year, I need to buy cat toy gifts for my grandkitties.  Not only do I need cat gift selections for Christmas, but we also celebrate their birthdays with gift giving.   My precious grandkitties have their own wishlist to make it easier for me to select a toy for each of them.   Natural Fiber and Organic cat toys are always at the top of their list.  They are such special little kitties and they deserve a special gift from their grandparents.

One of my precious grandkitties has allergies and bless her sweet heart, she needs special treats.  The other two healthy, robust cats will play with anything, but the little princess needs to be pampered.

Now that I know that cats can have allergies and even if they don’t have health issues when they are young, they can as they get older, I like to give them all healthier treats.


Organic Cat Toys: Catnip

New catnip toys are always at the top of my list.  Most likely, that is because I enjoy giving them the really cute gifts that I can dangle or toss during playtime.  I love going to visit my grandkitties, getting them all hyper during playtime and then leaving them for my daughter and son-in-law to calm before bedtime.

Here are two really awesome looking catnip toys.  I love their big, googly eyes.   The are both stuffed with organic catnip and both have bodies made of fleece.

 Imperial Cat Cat and Around, Jilly Jelly Organic Catnip ToyCheck Price Imperial Cat Cat and Around, Goldie Goldfish Organic Catnip ToyCheck Price


A Christmas Catnip Toy

There Is Absolutely NO Mouse In This House!  He may look a little like a mouse, but we must be careful when we select toys.  My daughter is a true animal lover and she really prefers toys that do not look like other animals like birds or mice.

This cat toy is filled with USDA certified Organic Catnip that makes him plump.  The more your cat plays with it, the softer it gets!

 West Paw Design Holiday Smidge Catnip-Filled Cat Toy with Bell, Holiday, AssortedCheck Price


Natural Fiber Toys for Cats

These natural fiber toys are really cool!  All of my grandkitties like to scratch, but the little one with allergies adores the scratching post.  She actually likes to be scratched as much as she likes to scratch the post.  The featured post below is made of sisal fiber which is literally extracted from the leaves of a sisal plant and is extremely durable.

The two colorful loofah toys are really fun choices!   These loofahs were created by Eco-Loofah just for cats and they really are the best of all worlds.  Play a little, scratch a little, drag around the house or chew a little toy.  But one of the very best features of this gift choice for those of us who are eco-friendly, is that Eco-Loofah donates a tree in honor of your pet for each Eco-Loofah toy your purchase as part of a forest restoration project in Paraguay.  That is like two gifts in one!

 Eco-Loofah Ethnic Maka Tenuki Queen Turtle Cat Toy, FuchsiaCheck Price SmartCat Ultimate Scratching PostCheck Price Eco-Loofah EPetMed-VI Original Interactive Cat ToyCheck Price

Just be sure to get one for each kitty! I have 3 grandkitties and I try very hard to not show favoritism to one. Those kitties would know! I normally buy 3 different gifts like the ones shown above and let them share all three gifts.


A House Plant for the Cat

My nephew has a kitty that loves to play in the house plants.  As a matter of fact, the kitty thinks the plant is her pet.

If not for my nephew, I never would have considered buying a house plant for my grandkitties, but now I know a house plant is the “purr”fect kitty pet and gift!

 *Seeds and Things Organic Wheat Seeds for growing yourCheck Price



Kitty Gift Box

For that Precious Kitty Who Deserves the Very Best and A Lot of It!

This is a gift that my 3 grandkitties could easily share.  It might not last very long with 3 cats enjoying it, but they would all get plenty for the birthday celebration day.

 Frisky Cat | Cat Lover’s Gift Basket for Any OccasionCheck Price

Gift Box Contains:

  • Pounce Cat Treats Jar 6.5 oz.
  • Party Mix Cat Treats 2.1 oz.
  • Natural Sensations 2.01 oz.
  • Three Bathed Mice in Catnip in a platinum tin
  • Carry Critter Mouse Catnip & Crinkle toy
  • Little LuLuÕs Fish & Chips 8 oz.
  • Whisker LickinÕs Cat Treats 6.5 oz.
  • Lobster Cat Nip Toy Bag

Reusable Premium Handled Basket with Hand Written Gift Message attached directly on gift.





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  1. What a wonderful collection of cat toys. Since I’m ‘Auntie’ to my brother’s 3 cats (Jack, Bennie and Bacchus) , I now have some good suggestions for upcoming gift times!

  2. Susan says:

    Oh, I miss having cats. Oreo had a little pink “baby” that she played with for years. She’d actually play fetch with us when we’d toss her “baby” and she’d run and get it then bring it back. Love this organic selection of cat toys!

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