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Novelty Slippers from Fuzzy Friends

These are really fun gifts for women.  Why not turn a simple gift into a fun gift that have daily practical application with these novelty slippers from Fuzzy Friends. Being adults doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun with our fashion, especially in our own home.

If you are shopping around for gift ideas for women who enjoy laughter, these may be just right, especially if the recipient loves animals.  Take your pick from cute kittens and bunnies to ferocious tigers that are not at all scary.  Any of these fuzzy slippers are sure to bring a smile while keeping feet warm.

I hope you enjoy this online shopping experience and find some wonderful new friends for your family members, your friends, and maybe even yourself.  Some of the faces on these slippers are pretty hard to resist.


Wild Animal Fuzzy Slippers for Adults

One size slippers fit most feet.  These cute tiger or bear slippers will be a real treat for the woman in your life.  Watch her face light up when she opens these gifts and sees her favorite wild animal in the shoe box ready to slip on, relax and keep her chilly feet warm.  The hardest part will be choosing between the adorable koala, panda, or tiger slippers.  You may end up having to purchase multiple pairs to ensure getting the appropriate animal.  After all, some days she may feel like a koala, while on other days she is a tiger ready to pounce.

 ofoot Womens/Mens Winter Fuzzy Home Slippers,Cute Animal Koala/Fox/Owl/Black Cat Cartoon(L/XL 11-13 B(M) US, Grey(Koala))Check Price Aromahome Fuzzy Feet Slippers PandaCheck Price Fuzzy Friends Women’s Tiger SlipperCheck Price


Animal Slippers that are Fun to Wear

 Animal World – Hedgehog Fuzzy Friends Unisex Adult Size SlippersCheck Price
Very few of us invite wild animals into our homes, but we still love them.

Having these slippers allow us to embrace our love for animals within our own homes and without having to worry that they will make a mess.

This hedgehog slippers are so cute, they simply had to be included in this article.  Plus, the way the material stands out on the slippers, they make the hedgehog look quite accurate in appearance.  And, look at those adorable beady eyes and the flower “barrette”!   These critters are quite endearing.


Pet Slippers for Adults

Our pets are often our constant companions and sometimes they are kind enough to lay across our feet and warm them, but that is not always a reliable way to ensure warmth on a cold night or early morning.

Plus, we often have to get up and walk around as we take care of our homes.

These pet slippers are guaranteed to stay close and keep our feet warm. The options in the pet slippers include kitties, which are always delightful, but you will have a bit more control over these kittens than the actual pets. Or perhaps, you are buying for a dog person. In that case, there are puppies for your “dogs” available that will stay put and keep your feet warm. There are also bunny rabbits, which are always popular whether they are pets or fashion.

 Dog Fuzzy Friends Adult SlippersCheck Price Fuzzy Friends Women’s Cat SlipperCheck Price Aroma Home Adult Bunny Rabbit Fuzzy Friends Warm SlippersCheck Price


 Fuzzy Friends Women’s Fun for Feet SlipperCheck PriceCover More than Just Your Feet

On those really cold days, we need warmth that extends beyond our feet.

These booties cover your ankles as well.  The “extended sock” is held in place by elastic.

These fun slipper boots are great for keeping warm.  The even have a faux fur lining.  Now I know the temptation to wear these slippers to the grocery store will be great, but you may need to leave them at home when you go shopping.  After all, you wouldn’t want to get them dirty!

These are great gifts for any occasions.


Keep an Extra Pair of Slippers on Hand

Since these slippers are one size fits most, these are great extras to keep on hand for the moments when you need a gift to give quickly, but don’t have time to go shopping.

I, personally, always keep an extra pair of slippers on hand for guests. It is always fun to watch my company patting around the house wearing bunnies, kittens and tigers, especially if they are dressing for a social event and trying to protect their stockings until time to leave. The laughs alone are worth the cost of the Fuzzy Friends slippers.

If you happen to have a regular guest in your home for the holidays, like a sibling, mother or mother-in-law, let them leave their slippers there for their next visit. It would save them space when packing and bring a smile to your face throughout the year when you happen upon them while cleaning.



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  1. Awww, I want those fuzzy Panda Bear slippers! How adorable. Why not have some ‘fun’ when you wear slippers. And having a pair or two on hand for guests is a wonderful idea.

  2. Hamish says:

    My wife is a dog person – so I think she would like the very first pair (and probably a few of the others as well). All the same, I’m pretty sure that her Yorkie would attack them, whether she was wearing them or not!

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