Fabulous Faux Fur Throws

Faux Fur ThrowsOver the years, I have been given several fabulous faux fur throws, so I know from experience what a wonderful gift they are to receive.

Personally, I love wrapping up in a faux fur throw and reading a good book!  When I have finished reading for the day, I fold my throw and lay it across my couch or chair.  It instantly adds beauty to the room.

I adore the intricate detail of real animal fur and I enjoy the warmth provided by a luxurious throw.  Since I would never want to harm an animal in order to possess it’s fur, faux fur is a fabulous alternative.

There are many fur imitations available, but none compare to the real beauty and high quality of Fabulous Furs by Donna Salyers.  These Fabulous Fur throws have all the warmth and beauty of real animal fur without any danger to the beautiful creature.  Perfect!


Oh, so Soft and Elegant!


Fabulous Fur Sable Throw

60″ x 72″

 Donna Salyers’ Fabulous Furs Faux Fur Pillow, Sable

Give the gift of Sable!

This beautiful faux fur Sable throw would be a lovely addition to any home.  This throw is so soft and luxurious, anyone would feel they had received an extraordinary gift.

The fabulous faux fur sable pillow is also available.  Together, the sable throw and pillow would make a gorgeous gift set and a truly fabulous way to rest in warmth and beauty.



Fabulous Faux Fur Throws Are Machine Washable in Cold Water!


Fabulous Fur Coyote Throw

60″ x 86″

Perhaps you would prefer this Coyote throw from the Limited Edition collection.

It may be hard to believe, but any of Donna Salyers’ Fabulous Faux Fur Throws, can be machine washed.  You do have to line dry them, but they are certainly worth it.  When weather prevents me from line drying outside, I simply throw mine over the shower rod and let it dry inside.


Fabulous Faux Fur Throws Have Luxurious Velvet Backing!


Fabulous Fur Black Mink Throw

60″ x 72″

The gift of mink is always appreciated!  Mink is always in style, always desired and always stunning!

I really appreciate being able to add the touch of mink throughout my own home knowing that the faux fur is a harmless way to have the very best without all of those real minks having to pay the price.

My faux fur mink decor is not only some of my favorite home decor accents, but it is also some of my all time favorite gifts.  If you know someone who loves mink, this throw is a definite must on your gift list.

One note of caution:  Make sure you are purchasing a a Donna Salyer’s product.   There are many imitations, but none match the quality of the real thing.


Other Sizes Are Available!

Many of the featured throws are available in:

60″ x 86″

Most are also available in the following sizes:

60″ x 60″

60″ x 72″


Fabulous Fur Ivory Mink Throw


60″ x 72″

This White Mink throw is purely exquisite!  This beauty is actually part of my own home decor.

When we gave this faux fur throw to our daughter, I was a little concerned about the color. As much as I wanted her to have the white, I didn’t think it would be beautiful for as long as the other dark colors. However, it has not been a problem at all. The white is just as white today as it was when we purchased it almost 15 years ago.


Fabulous Fur Grey Chinchilla Throw


60″ x 72″

What a gorgeous combination of colors!  There is a little bit of all of the colors in this throw.

Not only would this Grey Chinchilla faux fur throw keep you warm and add beauty to any room, but it would also make a great conversation piece!


Fabulous Faux Fur Throws Are Made in the USA!


Fabulous Fur Red Fox Throw

60″ x 60″

This alluring Red Fox faux fur throw is beautiful to see and touch!

We would never consider going up to the real animal and stroking his fur.  However, we can “pet” this red fox until our heart is content and it won’t bite.

Quite frankly, the faux fur throws are much softer than the course hair on many of the wild animals we so admire.


Fabulous Fur Snow Leopard Throw


60″ x 60″ Shown

Truly Magnificent!!!

This Snow Leopard Throw could add a touch of elegance and beauty to any decor.  Many of us will never have the opportunity to see a real Snow Leopard, but we can certainly give one as a gift, well in a way.  Obviously, this is not a real live Snow Leopard, but a faux fur Snow Leopard throw would certainly make a truly fabulous gift.

I must warn you though.  When purchasing one of these beautiful throws to give as a gift, you will most likely fall in love with it yourself.  I highly recommend gifting yourself with one as well.  Otherwise, the intended recipient just might not get their gift after all.



Whether you are purchasing pillows separately or buying them to give as part of a matching set, they will add a touch of beauty thrown on any couch or chair.  These faux fur pillows are likely to end up in your lap though instead of behind your back.  They are so soft.  It really is like petting a precious animal.
Click HERE to see the line of Fabulous Faux Furs Pillows



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  1. dawn rae says:

    OH! These are gorgeous!!!!! I never knew so many different styles and faux furs existed!

  2. leslie sabbarese says:

    how do i purchase items………..i have been looking at the faux fur throws……..but i don’t see how to purchase anything.

    • Cynthia says:

      Hi Leslie,

      Thank you for your inquiry! You simply click the photo of the item you wish to purchase. I apologize for that not being perfectly clear and I very much appreciate you bringing it to my attention.

      Thanks again,

  3. Barbara Cipak says:

    I’m such a fan of these blankets. They’re especially great for the fall when you’re bundled up outside on a swing or rocking chair, reading a book in the crisp cool air with a nice cup of hot tea. I plan to do this soon!

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