Fairy Tale Barbies: Great Gift for Children or Barbie Collectors

Fairy Tale BarbieFairy Tale Barbies are Enchanting

Fairy Tales just seem to come to life in your own home when you have a Fairy Tale Barbie.   A child and Barbie can reenact any scene, or even the entire fairytale drama.  If you are really fortunate, you may be asked to play too and have a wonderful opportunity to teach your child valuable life lessons and help mold their character in a subtle way.  You may even choose to encourage your child’s imagination by creating their own fairy tale.

You can make a lovely gift set for a child by also including the fairy tale Little Golden Book and the fairy tale video.  What an enchanting gift that would make for any occasion.  Plus, it would give you a few more opportunities to share the fun, the fairy tale, and the lessons with your child.

As a Barbie collector, you may just want to display and admire the Fairy Tale Barbie Collection.  If so, you will also wish to include a prince or two in that collection.


Cinderella Barbie Doll Gift Collection

 Barbie As Cinderella – Barbie Doll By Mattel Children’s Series 1997Check Price

 Ken as the Happily Ever After Prince in the Fairy Tale CollectionCheck PriceMost of us are already familiar with the fairy tale, Cinderella.

After the untimely death of her father, Cinderella is completely dependent upon her unloving step-mother.  She is relegated to a servants position in her own home and is forced to wait upon her step-mother and step-sisters.

Even in adversity, Cinderella returns evil with good.

She continues to exhibit kindness and gentleness to the people and creatures around her.

This fairytale would not be complete without Price Charming to step in and rescue Cinderella from a life of servitude and poverty.

The Cinderella Barbie is dressed in a starlight blue satin ball gown with shimmering golden bodice.   The gown has a white tulle overskirt with golden highlights.

Prince Charming is quite dashing in his matching blue satin coat.  He also comes with flowers to present to Cinderella.

The Disney Cinderella video is one we all grew up watching and loving.  Little Golden Book has published a book featuring Barbie as Cinderella.  Combine the 2 dolls with the video and the book and you will have a fabulous gift!



Snow White Barbie Doll Gift Collection

 Barbie Collectibles Doll As Snow WhiteCheck PriceSnow White is another classic fairy tale most of us are already familiar with.  This Barbie is certainly a beauty that could evoke jealousy in a rival.

In the fairy tale, the jealous Queen’s evil plans are thwarted by the kind huntsman assigned to kill Snow White when he takes sympathy on the young girl.  Instead of killing Snow White, the huntsman releases her to flee into the woods with the admonition to never return.

Throughout this story, caring individuals help to protect Snow White from the evil that pursues her.

This collectible Barbie actually holds a red apple just like the one from the fairy tale.  Her gown is an exquisitely designed gold flocked skirt topped with a blue velvet and satin corset top with puffy sleeves.  The outfit is finished with a fabulous gold Elizabethan-style collar.


Rapunzel Barbie Doll Gift Collection

 Rapunzel Barbie Doll (1997)Check Price

 Barbie As Rapunzel Ken As Prince StefanCheck PriceAnother favorite fairytale classic is Rapunzel.

The long beautiful hair has always been Rapunzel’s identifying feature.

In the fairytale, Rapunzel is locked away in the top room of a tower.  When her captor came to visit, she would call to Rapunzel to let down her hair so she could climb up.  This continued for years and Rapunzel had no other option but to obey and wait for rescue.

However, Barbie has put a new twist to this story.  In “Barbie as Rapunzel,” the imaginative princess, with help from her friends, a cute purple dragon and a rabbit, paints her way out of the tower to find freedom, truth, and love.

Regardless of which fairytale you embrace, the old or the new, I have no doubt you will love this beautiful Rapunzel Barbie doll and enjoy having her as part of your Fairy Tale Barbies Collection.


Trailer of the Rapunzel Barbie Video

I thought you might enjoy a glimpse at the Barbie Rapunzel story.  I have included the video here to make it easy for you to find.

 Barbie as Rapunzel DVDCheck Price


Beauty from Beauty and the Beast Barbie Doll Gifts

 Barbie Collectibles Barbie As Beauty From the Fairy Tale Beauty and the Beast – Children’s Collector’s Series 1999Check Price

 Disney Beauty and The Beast BEAST Doll – Disney Classics (1991)Check PriceWhile many of the featured fairy tale Barbies could stand on their own, this particular Barbie really would not be complete without the Beast.  Unlike some of the others, the storyline actually centers around the relationship Belle has with her would be Prince, the Beast.  She is actually more of his rescuer than the other way around.

In a castle filled with magical characters, Belle finds an unexpected friend in the Beast who resides there.

He trusts her completely and allows Belle to leave the castle to visit her family after she promises to return.  When she does not return, as promised, the Beast is grief stricken and brokenhearted.

This is a story that based completely on the belief that “love conquers all,” but it also points out how we judge each other according to the way we look and are often surprised by the beauty of the beast.

The perfect Beauty and the Beast gift set would include the Barbie Beauty, the Beast Doll, the Beauty and the Beast video, the Little Golden Book and additional Beauty and the Beast trinkets like a silk red rose or necklace.



Sleeping Beauty Barbie

 Sleeping Beauty Barbie 1997 DollCheck PriceSleeping Beauty is another classic that most of us grew up reading, watching and loving.

The battle between good and evil is fought between the Prince, the 3 good fairies and the evil Maleficent while the beautiful Aurora sleeps, blissfully unaware of the dangers that surround her.

This fairytale is more about a battle fought on your behalf, instead of one you must fight.

Sleeping Beauty has long been a personal favorite!  She is, indeed, a true beauty with her long lovely hair and  dressed in her gown of blue and gold.

The Sleeping Beauty Barbie, along with the video, they Little Golden Book, and the Sleeping Beauty games cd, would truly be a totally awesome gift set.


Barbie and the Three Musketeers Gift Collection

 Barbie and the Three Musketeer Renee DollCheck Price Barbie and The Three Musketeers Aramina DollCheck Price Barbie and The Three Musketeers Corinne DollCheck Price Barbie and The Three Musketeers Viveca DollCheck Price


Unlike Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, the Three Musketeer Barbies are based on a newer fairy tale.  While they use the basis of the storyline from an old classic, clearly this fairy tale is still a new story.   They do make pretty musketeers!

This has the appeal of being more of an action set as well as being pretty.  Barbie (pink costume) teams up with Renee, a clever strategist, the beautiful Aramina, and lovely Viveca, to save the prince from royal danger.

Together they discover that:

“True courage is pursuing your dream, even when everyone else says it’s impossible.”



 Barbie: Mariposa Magic Wings Mariposa DollCheck PriceMariposa is a pretty butterfly fairy who is dressed in a lovely pink skirt, bodice and tiara.  However, she transforms her pretty purple butterfly wings to sparkling pink wings with the press of a button.

The storyline of this fairytale is unique and different in some ways from the other featured fairy tales, but has a very clear message.  Mariposa feels like she never fits in with the other fairies.  In the videos, you can watch how Mariposa must bravely confront her own self-doubt as well other dangers in order to save Flutterfield and its Queen.

Along the way, Mariposa learns that the best thing a fairy can be is oneself.

There are actually several gift sets available that include the Barbie Mariposa books and/or videos. This gift set would be a lovely companion gift for the Mariposa Barbie doll. This gift set includes one of the videos, “Barbie Mariposa & The Fairy Princess”, plus a plush butterfly finger puppet. Puppets are always fun and this little butterfly would be the perfect play companion for Mariposa.

 Barbie Mariposa & The Fairy Princess Gift Set (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy + Plush Butterfly Finger Puppet)Check Price


Trailer of the Mariposa Barbie Video

I have included this trailer for a quick look inside the life of Mariposa.  At the end of this video trailer, you will see additional video previews of some of the other Barbie videos.



Swan Lake ~ Odette and The Fairy Queen

This is a fabulous way to introduce your child to the world of classical ballet, as well as the story of Swan Lake.

“Barbie of Swan Lake” takes some real liberties with the real Swan Lake story, but it is a fun video for children.  Odette, a simple baker’s daughter, follows a beautiful unicorn into an enchanted forest, but when she tries to leave the enchanted forest, she is transformed into a swan by an evil wizard.

Watch and see how through courage, honesty and intelligence, Odette will save herself as well as the Enchanted Forest.

 Swan Lake Barbie Doll as ODETTE w Light Up Wings (2003)Check Price Barbie of Swan Lake KEN as Prince Daniel + Lovely Swan for you!Check Price Swan Lake Barbie as Odette Doll AA w Light Up Wings (2003)Check Price

Trailer of “Barbie of Swan Lake”

Perhaps you would like a look at “Barbie of Swan Lake”.



The Princess and the Pauper Gift Collection

 Barbie Princess Mini Kingdom Mini Barbie Odette DollCheck Price Ken as the King DominickCheck Price Barbie Mini Kingdom Princess Erika DollCheck Price

In this story a Princess and a pauper with very different lives, but identical looks, are brought together by chance.  It becomes the beginning of a great adventure and a friendship that will last a lifetime.

When Anneliese is captured, Erika must pretend to be the Princess to find out what has happened and to help save her

This fairytale focuses on the very real dilemma of choosing between one’s sense of duty and the desire to be free.


Barbie in the Nutcracker ~ Sugarplum Fairy

 Barbie in The Nutcracker Sugarplum Princess Doll (2001)Check Price

 Barbie Nutcracker KEN as Prince Eric Doll (2001)Check Price

Although this is an adaptation of the original Nutcracker ballet, it is an adorable movie filled with love, kindness and caring for your fellow creatures.

The Sugarplum Princess Barbie doll is dressed in a shimmery ballet costume.  She has articulated joints so she can be posed in ballerina dance positions.


The costume for the prince is especially beautiful with the red, white and blue color combination.

Of course, as you would expect from Sylvestermouse, this is a recommended musical, but do be aware that younger children might find parts of this video, and most fairy tails, frightening.  Be sure to watch them with your little ones to make sure that they are not frightened and that they feel secure.


Barbie Little Golden Books Make Great Additions to a Child’s Library

I have featured a few of these Little Golden Books above.   It only make sense that the fairy tale itself would accompany a Fairy Tale Doll gift.  I choose the Little Golden Books instead of other versions because they are highly collectable themselves!  They always have beautiful illustrations and seem to often be just the right length to hold a child’s attention.   They are also thin enough that a child can own dozens of them and still not fill up a book shelf.  I might also add, they are the perfect weight for children to hold and peruse alone.

The Barbie Little Golden Books tell the story and feature Barbie as the princess or main character.  They are great companion gifts for these Fairy Tale Barbie Dolls.

You can see the complete collection by simply clicking this link: Barbie Little Golden Books


Barbie Fairy Tale Videos

You may also wish to add the Barbie fairy tale video or the original Disney fairy tale videos to your child’s video collection.  Nothing compares to actually owning the video.  A child will watch a video over and over, often memorizing the words and scenes.  These videos are often cherished possessions.  I know my own children are grown, but occasionally they still grab one of their favorite childhood fairy tale videos to watch now.  Someday, those videos will be passed down to the next generation for watching and safe keeping.

If you don’t see the video displayed with the respective Barbie above, simply Click Here to find the correct video that corresponds with your chosen Fairy Tale Barbie.



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