Holiday Barbie Dolls Are A Beautiful Gift Tradition

Holiday Barbie 2023Every year Mattel makes a new Holiday Barbie doll.  For decades, I have purchased the new dolls for my own Barbie collection.  It has become part of our holiday tradition.

Each year, I look forward to the annual release of the new Holiday Barbie doll.  I am always excited to see her holiday dress for the current season.  Barbie truly has the most beautiful clothes, especially for Christmas!

For years, we purchased the new Holiday Barbie for our daughter.  I remember a few years when finding the Holiday Barbie was not an easy task.  Now, with online stores, you can almost insure getting one of these sought after dolls, as long as you begin your search before Christmas Eve.

Holiday Barbies 2023 Collection


2023 Holiday Barbie

Holiday Barbies 2023

The 2023 Holiday Barbie is the 35th anniversary doll for Holiday Barbies. She is wearing a satiny dress with a strapless gold champagne bodice and a shimming gold star tulle overlay. For the slight chill in the air, she has tied on a complimentary sheer cape. As always, her jewelry is selected to complete the golden appearance.

Blond Hair”> 2023 Holiday Barbie Doll
Blond Hair
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Dark Brown Hair”> 2023 Holiday Barbie Doll
Dark Brown Hair
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Light Brown Hair”> 2023 Holiday Barbie Doll
Light Brown Hair
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Black Hair”> 2023 Holiday Barbie Doll
Black Hair
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2022 Holiday Barbie

Holiday Barbie Collection 2022


The 2022 Holiday Barbie is dressed in a stunning red dress layered to resemble a poinsettia flower and accented with tulle which also makes the flower petal shaped fabric stand out. Traditionally the poinsettia flower symbolizes good cheer and success. They bring wishes of mirth (laughter) and celebration.  What a beautifully inspired gift.  Barbies 2022 holiday attire is finished with chandelier earrings.  Her lips and fingernails are “painted” in a lovely matching red color.

 2022 Holiday Barbie Doll (Dark-Brown Wavy Hair)Check Price Barbie Signature 2022 Holiday Barbie Doll (Straight Black Hair)Check Price Barbie Signature 2022 Holiday Barbie Doll (Blonde Wavy Hair)Check Price 2022 Holiday Barbie Doll (Light-Brown Wavy Hair)Check Price


2021 Holiday Barbie

Holiday Barbies

The spectacular Holiday Barbies for 2021 are stunning in their glistening metallic silver gowns trimmed in tulle. Barbie is adorned with fabulously gorgeous sculpted jewels which accent the bodice of her gown, as well as her bracelet & earrings. This glamorous attire is completed with her high heel shoes that add a bit of sparkle for that finishing touch.

 Barbie Signature 2021 Holiday Doll (12-inch, Brunette Hair)Check Price Barbie Signature 2021 Holiday Doll (12-inch, Blonde Wavy Hair)Check Price Barbie Signature 2021 Holiday Doll (12-inch, Brunette Braided Hair)Check Price


2020 Holiday Barbie

Holiday Barbies

The 2020 Holiday Barbie is decked out in gold!  Her elegant gown features ruffled sleeves on a glittery bodice, the skirt is layered with tulle then an overlay of shiny gold fabric with snowflake accents.  Even her shoes and chandelier earrings are gold.  A stunning beauty that is sure to be the belle of any ball.

 Barbie 2020 Holiday Doll, Blonde 2020 Holiday Barbie Doll, Black Hair 2020 Holiday Barbie, Brunette


2019 Holiday Barbie

2019 Holiday Barbie Collection

Lovely as always!  The 2019 Holiday Barbies are dressed in a gorgeous silver and red peppermint strip gowns with a big bow on one shoulder and a flowing red train.  Their hair is swept to one side, opposite the large bow, bringing balance to their overall finished look.  Large dangling chandelier earrings are the only jewelry needed for this beautiful doll.  Barbie is definitely ready for the party in her festive 2019 attire.

 Mattel 2019 Holiday Barbie Doll – BlondeCheck Price Mattel 2019 Holiday Barbie Doll – BrunetteCheck Price Mattel 2019 Holiday Barbie DollCheck Price


2018 Holiday Barbie

Collectible Barbies - Holiday Barbies 2018


The 2018 Holiday Barbie is dressed in a lovely multi-tiered red mesh fabric gown reminiscent of a wedding dress.  Off the shoulder design reflects the fun and playfulness of the holiday.  She is wearing the big jewelry that is currently popular in everyday fashion.   As always, her long, gorgeous hair is styled beautifully for a party and celebration of the season.

 Barbie 2018 Holiday Doll, BlondeCheck Price Barbie 2018 Holiday Doll, Brunette with PonytailCheck Price Barbie 2018 Holiday Doll, BrunetteCheck Price


2017 Holiday Barbie

Collectible Barbies - Holiday Barbie 2017

This year the Holiday Barbies will be the star of the show!  Her gorgeous red metallic dress is adorned with a very unique gem encrusted star.   The dress is gathered at the waist, then flares into a wide and full split skirt, which accentuates Barbies perfect figure. She certainly makes a stunning presentation.  Of course, the outfits are accessorized with dangling earrings and gold shoes that compliment her beautiful gown.

 Barbie 2017 Holiday Teresa Doll, BrunetteCheck Price Barbie 2017 Holiday Doll, Blonde HairCheck Price Barbie 2017 Holiday Nikki Black Hair with Red Dress DollCheck Price


2016 Holiday Barbie

Holiday Barbie Dolls for 2016

In 2016, the Barbie’s are dressed in gowns that best compliment their hair color and skin tone.  Choose your favorite, or buy one of each to complete your own Holiday Barbie Collection for 2016.

Each dress has a sparkly gown with a detached snowflake bodice.  Take a close look at the pictures below.   You will note that even the bodies are different in color, yet they are each quite beautiful.   The snow-globe packaging has been specially designed to add to the illusion of a beautiful winter scene. Therefore, either doll is a vision of loveliness.

 Barbie 2016 Holiday DollCheck Price Barbie Holiday DollCheck Price Barbie Holiday Doll African AmericanCheck Price


2015 Holiday Barbie

Holiday Barbie 2015
The 2015 Holiday Barbie is a real beauty dressed in her tiered ruffle front garnet colored gown with a silver leaf trimmed bodice.  Accented with an insect panel of shiny silver foil brocade selected to compliment the bodice trim and complete the overall red and silver design.

As always, Barbie is dressed in the most current fashion accessories with her flirty dangle earrings which are beautifully highlighted in her glorious long loose curl hairstyle.


 Barbie Collector 2015 Holiday Caucasian DollCheck Price Barbie Collector 2015 Holiday African-American DollCheck Price



2014 Holiday Barbie

Holiday Barbies


The 2014 Holiday Barbie is decked out in red with gold accents.  Like the precious metal, she would surely be a treasured gift for any little girl or Barbie collector.



 Barbie Collector 2014 Holiday DollCheck Price Barbie Collector 2014 Holiday Doll BrunetteCheck Price Barbie Collector 2014 Holiday African-American DollCheck Price


2013 Holiday Barbie

The 2013 Holiday Barbie is dressed all in white with snowflake accents.  I have heard that most often the contestant dressed in white is the one crowned each year in the Miss. America pageant.  Even through I have seen that very thing happen, I am not yet sure if that is a myth or true that the white somehow denotes the winner in advance.   But, I do know this, Barbie is a beautiful choice to give for Christmas.



 Barbie Collector 2013 Holiday DollCheck Price

A Barbie for Everyone

One of the things I love the most about the Holiday Barbies is that they make one for blondes, brunettes, redhead as well as the raven hair beauties.  Everyone has a particular favorite, usually it is the doll that has their own hair color.  No matter which you prefer, either of the hair colors are equally beautiful!

 Barbie Collector 2013 Holiday African-American DollCheck Price 2013 Holiday Barbie 25th Anniversary-AuburnCheck Price


Add to Your Barbie Collection!
You can still add those previous missing years in your Barbie collection


2012 Holiday Barbie

A stunning beauty dressed in red with silver brocade accents and a tulle underlay!   Barbie once again steals the spotlight with this elegant ball gown and beautiful jewelry.  She even has her finger nails painted red to match the dress.  Any child or collector would love to have her dance right into their home.

 Barbie Collector 2012 Holiday DollCheck Price


2011 Holiday Barbie

Decked out in this gorgeous green gown, this Barbie certainly reflects the traditional Christmas color with charm and beauty.   Her emerald-green gown is accented with gold embroidery and a slim lame underskirt to accentuate her lovely figure.  Be sure and take note of the dazzling chandelier earrings that glimmer through her long gorgeous hair.

 Barbie Collector 2011 Holiday DollCheck Price


2010 Holiday Barbie

Isn’t she lovely!   Such gentle beauty for the 2010 Holiday Barbie dressed in red and white.   Dressed in this gown, Barbie captures the image of youth, beauty and innocence.   She is wearing a jeweled headpiece and drop earrings as her accessories this year.  As always, she has elegantly styled long golden curls, flawless makeup, and an impeccable manicure.

 Barbie Collector 2010 Holiday DollCheck Price


2009 Holiday Barbie Doll

The 2009 Holiday Barbie doll shines in a shimmering pale pink and golden lame gown!  A flowing gown of pink lame covered by the sheer elegance of pink tulle.  In 2009, Barbie celebrated not just the holidays, but also the 50th year of Barbie.

 Barbie 2009 Holiday DollCheck Price


2008 Holiday Barbie Doll

2008 was a very special year for the Holiday Barbie!   We were all celebrating the 20th year of Holiday Barbies.   The 2008 Holiday Barbie sparkles in a shimmering white and silvery gown celebration gown. A beautiful choice for the 20th year of Holiday Barbies.

 Barbie 20th Anniversary Holiday Barbie DollCheck Price


2007 Holiday Barbie Doll

An absolute must for every Holiday Barbie collector!   The 2007 Holiday Barbie was dressed in an elegant holiday gown reminiscent of Santa Claus.   She has matching snowflake necklace and earrings to accessorize this lovely gown.

 Mattel Barbie 2007 Holiday Collector DollCheck Price


2006 Holiday Barbie

The 2006 Holiday Barbie Doll wears a long black velvety gown embellished with faux jewel multi-colored stars and embroidered design in gold and silver threads.   Her unique outfit was designed by Bob Mackie and certainly makes a lovely fashion statement.  Truly an elegant collectors Barbie.

 Barbie Collector – Fashion Doll by Bob MackieCheck Price


2005 Holiday Barbie

In gowns designed by Bob Mackie, the 2005 Holiday Barbie Dolls are available in two different gown color, but each equally beautiful.  One is in a lovely burgundy gown and the other is available in a gorgeous green gown.

 Barbie Collector Holiday 2005 Doll Designed by Bob MackieCheck Price 2005 Holiday Barbie – EmeraldCheck Price


Finding What You Need Online


Online shopping is awesome!
If you missed a year or need to replace one, now is your chance to find the missing link. Perhaps, you would like one that is over a decade old.  There are still a few out there that are available.


 Holiday 2004 Barbie – Green Velvet DressCheck Price Holiday Visions: 2003 Winter Fantasy Barbie DollCheck Price


Holiday Barbie Dolls

The annual Holiday Barbie Dolls are always stunningly gorgeous, but I think that is true for all Barbie dolls.  Their clothes, their hair styles, their jewelry, even their nails are always styled and manicured to perfection.  Annual Holiday Barbies really do make the perfect holiday collectible for girls and collectors who never get to old to love a new Barbie.